Xenical has become the first prescription weight loss product, which was sold legally on the Internet. Online sales of Xenical were launched in the USA and dozens of other countries in 1999.

In 1999, a prescription for buying Xenical online was not required. Potential buyers of Xenical were offered just fill in online form and pay Xenical cost by means of credit card.

The manufacturer and online retailers of Xenical claimed that this drug works in the stomach, is not absorbed into the blood and thereby is absolutely safe for the health of obese patients. However, many obesity experts claimed that Xenical pills should not be sold without a prescription.

xenicalSuch statements were reasoned by the fact that patients could buy Xenical online without a prescription and not to inform the doctor, who gave them a prescription for Phentermine. The interaction of Xenical and Phentermine has not been studied, so the potential risks of such drug cocktail were unknown.

Concerns of doctors were caused by that just a few years before the launch of Xenical sales, a resonant story associated with the combined use of Fenfluramine and Phentermine (Fen-Phen) happened in the USA. One of the components of this combination – Fenfluramine caused very serious side effects.

Many US physicians were concerned that just as Fen-Phen; the combination of Xenical and Phentermine (Xen-Phen) could lead to unpredictable negative consequences for the health of obese patients.

However, more than 15 years after the online sales of Xenical it can be argued that such fears proved to be groundless. Indeed, between 1999 and 2016 none of serious cases of negative impact of Xen-Phen on the health of obese Americans has been registered.