Will Twitter make to lose weight?

University employees of South Carolina conducted a study and came to an unexpected conclusion. Scientists claim that every 10 posts in Twitter burn up to 0.5% of adipose tissue.

The study involved 96 people with obesity and overweight, who were divided into 2 groups.

• The first group received weekly recommendations about proper nutrition and about benefits of physical activity on mobile devices.
• The second group received the same messages, but additionally used Twitter to communicate with other participants of experiment.

twitterSix months after the start of the study, there was revealed that obese people, who daily used Twitter to communicate with each other, burn more calories than obese people involved in the first group.

The study authors believe that the traditional model of weight loss program should include a weekly communication and exchange of experience among obese people who are trying to lose weight.

However, due to lack of time and additional financial costs, weekly meetings are available not to each participant of weight loss program.

Therefore, online chat on Twitter or other social networks can help obese people faster to achieve the desired result, even in the absence of a large amount of free time and additional financial means.