Where to buy Duromine?

Duromine capsules are produced in NZ and Australia. In these countries, Duromine has been available for several decades. Medsafe (NZ) approved Duromine in 1969, while TGA (Australia) – in 1991. The owner of the trade license for Duromine in Australia and New Zealand is iNova Pharmaceuticals.

By the end of the last century, Duromine capsules were available on European pharmaceutical market. After the EMA had published the information on the fact that the benefits from Phentermine-based drugs did not exceed the potential risks, Ministry of Health of all the EU Member States has recommended to withdraw the trade license for such drugs.

The UK was one of the European countries where people were able to buy Duromine pills. The supplier of Duromine to the UK market was 3M Health Care. In 2015, the only Phentermine-based drug with the UK marketing authorization is Ionamin. The owner of the UK marketing authorization is Typharm Limited.

Australia and NZ are not the only countries, where people can buy Duromine capsules in 2015. iNova Pharmaceuticals distributes Duromine 15mg and Duromine 30mg capsules to:

• Malaysia
• Singapore
• Philippines
• South Africa

buy duromineiNova distributes all Duromine doses to weight loss market in Hong-Kong, including Duromine 40mg capsules. In some of the listed countries, Phentermine-based drug is only available under the trade name Duromine, whereas in other countries generic versions of Duromine are sold.

It is noteworthy that iNova does not distribute Duromine capsules to the largest pharmaceutical market in the USA. Probably iNova does not want to get the access to the U.S. market because of a huge competition between the U.S. weight loss products.

In addition to the fact that about 15 companies distribute Phentermine diet pills to the U.S. market, many other appetite suppressants with pharmacological properties similar to Duromine are available in the USA.

If iNova decides to invest money into marketing and distribution of Duromine in the USA, the company will have to compete with the largest manufacturers of generic drugs, like Sandoz, Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals.

New drugs containing Phentermine agent are approved in the USA every year, the year 2014 is no exception. Three companies at a time became the owners of marketing authorization for Phentermine diet pills in the USA, including InvaGen Pharmaceuticals, Ken Life Science and Aurolife Pharma LLC.