Tenuate Retard

Tenuate Retard is a name of diet pills popular among potential buyers of diet pills in Germany. Artegodan company is indicated as the manufacturer and German supplier of Tenuate Retard pills.

Tenuate RetardIn the early 2000s, the European license for Tenuate Retard pills was withdrawn and Artegodan stopped their supplies to Germany. However, 15 years after the discontinuation of Tenuate Retard retail sales in Germany, many obese Germans are still trying to find these diet pills on online pharmacies.

Simultaneously with the termination of the sale of Tenuate Retard pills, all Diethylpropion-containing drugs including Regenon and Regenon Retard were withdrawn from the German market.

One of the few countries, where anorexigenic weight loss products containing Diethylpropion are still sold, is South Korea. In the USA, the marketing status of Diethylpropion-containing drugs is still active.

However, because of huge competition among dozens of the manufacturers and suppliers of well-known and absolutely new anorexigenic drugs, Diethylpropion sales are gradually declining in the USA.

Therefore, it is not excluded that after 10-15 years, the prescription for Diethylpropion will not be prescribed to obese Americans and the information about this drug will only be available in Wikipedia.

In 2015, one of the absolute sale leaders at the US market is still Phentermine. Herewith, it should be noted that the market of alternative weight loss products in the USA is actively developing and more and more obese Americans choose innovative over-the-counter and prescription diet pills.