Suprenza results

Suprenza is the only orally disintegrating tablets for weight management, available on the U.S. market in 2015. The mechanism of action of Suprenza is the same as that of other tablets and capsules, containing Phentermine anorexic agent.

It is worthy of note that clinical trials of Suprenza have not been conducted. Having presented the data of pre-clinical research, Suprenza manufacturer has proven that the therapeutic effect of this drug is identical to the effect of other Phentermine-containing drugs, available at the U.S. pharmacies. Therefore, Suprenza product license was issued in the USA without conducting any clinical studies of this drug.

Suprenza tablets have appeared on the U.S. market quite recently. Moreover, Suprenza tabs became extremely popular only after the FDA approved them for weight loss in overweight and obese Americans.

Suprenza popularity hit its peak in 2013. After that, obese Americans started losing interest to Suprenza. However, Suprenza is still one of the most prescribed anti-obesity drugs in the USA.

Such long-lasting popularity of Suprenza tablets is explained by their active promotion on the U.S. market. To stimulate the growth of retail sales, Suprenza suppliers offer the consumers an opportunity to get a free sample of this weight loss product.

Free Suprenza tablets are distributed through the licensed U.S. doctors, who can prescribe Phentermine-containing drugs within their states legally. It should be noted that doctors, getting Suprenza free samples from the exclusive U.S. distributor are obliged to sell these tablets to their patients.

Any U.S. general practitioner, experienced in obesity treatment can order Suprenza free samples and then prescribe them to their patients, who have never used Phentermine-containing drugs before.

Suprenza free samples are distributed in order to both the doctor and his patient could make sure this drug actually suppresses appetite without severe side effects, before purchasing a large package.

Doctors, who want to get Suprenza free samples, should fill in a special «Request Form» and send it online to the U.S. supplier of Suprenza tablets. Each doctor can order up to 130 free samples of Suprenza tablets, containing various doses of Phentermine Hydrochloride anorexigenic agent (15mg, 30mg or 37.5mg).

Suprenza free tablets are sent in packages of 7 pieces each. The U.S. general practitioners can order maximum 18 packages of Suprenza 15mg, Suprenza 30mg and (or) Suprenza 37.5mg free tablets. One package of free Suprenza tablets is enough for one-week treatment of obesity.

Having made sure that Suprenza helps to reduce the body weight without causing severe side effects in patients, the doctor can prescribe him a large pack of Suprenza. In fact, there are packs with 30 and 100 Suprenza tablets at the U.S. pharmacies.

Suprenza free samples are not the only one marketing instrument, used to promote Suprenza tablets on the U.S. pharmaceutical market. Potential consumers of Suprenza tablets have a great chance to get a coupon that allows reducing the costs for Suprenza by $25.

You can get Suprenza coupon online right from the exclusive U.S. distributor of this weight loss product. However, only obese Americans over 18 years old who were prescribed at least 14 Suprenza tablets can get Suprenza coupon.

Every 25 days, overweight American people can get a new Suprenza coupon. Thus, potential consumers of Suprenza can reduce their costs for anti-obesity treatment by $25 every month.

  • If you want to get Suprenza free sample, just learn more information on Suprenza free tablets from your doctor.
  • If you have the prescription for Suprenza and you want to get Suprenza coupon, ask the U.S. distributor of this weight loss product all your questions.

Citius Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive owner of marketing authorization for Suprenza (Phentermine) tabs in the USA. Suprenza tabs by Citius were approved by the FDA in March 2012.