Suprenza ODT

Suprenza is a name of orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) for the obesity treatment in adolescents over 16 years old and adults. Suprenza ODT is the only Phentermine-containing tablets for slimming available at the U.S. market of weight loss products.

The uniqueness of Suprenza ODT is that they dissolve in the mouth within a few minutes. You do not necessarily have to take Suprenza ODT with water and they can be taken before, during or after meals.

It should be noted that Suprenza ODT dissolves well in water. Therefore, using Suprenza ODT, you can make a drink for weight loss containing therapeutic doses of Phentermine.

Suprenza ODT with different amount of anorexigenic substance Phentermine can be used for weight loss. Phentermine dosage in a Suprenza ODT tablet can be 15mg, 30mg or 37.5 mg.

  • A Suprenza ODT 37.5mg tablet – is the maximum daily dose.
  • A Suprenza ODT 30mg tablet – is the average daily dose.
  • A Suprenza ODT 15mg tablet – is the minimal effective dose.

slimgirlDose and frequency of using Suprenza ODT should be individualized for every patient. Obese men and women, who have never taken Phentermine-containing tabs or caps, are recommended to start the obesity treatment with the minimal daily dose of Suprenza ODT 15mg.

To enhance the duration of anorexigenic effect, the daily dose of Suprenza ODT can be gradually increased up to 37.5mg. The maximum dose of Suprenza ODT 37.5mg can be prescribed only to patients who do not experience severe side effects when using the minimal and average daily doses of Suprenza ODT 15mg and 30mg.

To make sure that high doses of Suprenza ODT do not cause side effects, obese Americans can get a free sample of Suprenza ODT. More information how to get free Suprenza ODT in the USA you can find in one of our reviews.

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