Sibutramine in Hungary

The obesity rate in Hungary is one of the lowest in Europe. In 2008, there were conducted studies that have showed that about 22.9% of Hungarians older than 20 years suffer from obesity. In the UK, this indicator was 25.2% in 2008.

Until 2010, anorexigenic drug – Sibutramine was used for weight management in Hungary. At Hungarian pharmacies, this drug was sold under three different trade names, such as:

  • Minimectil
  • Reductil
  • Lindaxa

The Hungarian suppliers of Sibutramine diet pills were three pharmaceutical companies.

  • The owner of a product license for Reductil (Sibutramine) pills was Abbott company.
  • Minimectil (Sibutramine) pills were supplied by Teva company.
  • The supplier of Lindaxa (Sibutramine) pills was Zentiva company.

Reductil, Minimectil and Lindaxa are bioequivalent drugs containing the same active ingredient Sibutramine. These drugs differed only by design and size of the package, the color of diet pills and retail price.

  • Yellow and blue Reductil 10mg pills, blue and white Reductil 15mg pills, blue and white Minimectil 10mg pills and yellow and white Minimectil 15mg pills were supplied in Hungary in packs of 28 and 56 pieces each.
  • Yellow and brown Lindaxa 10mg pills and yellow and blue Lindaxa 15mg pills were supplied in Hungary in packs of 30 and 90 pieces each.

Shelf life of Lindaxa and Minimectil diet pills was 2 years, while the shelf life of Reductil was 3 years. The sale of Reductil, Minimectil and Lindaxa diet pills in Hungary was discontinued in 2010.

Even if we assume that not all batches of Sibutramine-containing drugs were withdrawn from the Hungarian market and disposed of, the shelf life of Reductil, Minimectil and Lindaxa diet pills that can be stored in the Hungary-based pharmaceutical warehouses has already expired.

Today, Sibutramine-containing drugs are not sold in Hungary; therefore, it is impossible to compare their prices. The residents of Hungary can compare the price of Sibutramine diet pills only on online pharmacies. Generally, the lowest prices of Sibutramine are set by India-based manufacturers and suppliers of prescription weight loss products.

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