Saxenda for weight loss

After Saxenda was approved for weight loss, its popularity began to grow rapidly all over the USA. Saxenda is so popular mostly because this is the only drugs, which is used in the USA for injectable weight loss therapy. All the rest FDA-approved drugs, available on the U.S. market in 2015, are used for oral weight loss therapy.

Saxenda injections are used for weight loss for several months only. Therefore, you can hardly find any positive or negative feedbacks about Saxenda yet. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss only when used for a long time, within 1-2 years. Thus, the first real feedbacks about Saxenda will appear no sooner than in the beginning of 2016.

It should be noted that Saxenda price without insurance is ten times higher than the prices of other weight loss drugs. Hence, Saxenda weight loss drug will be unavailable for patients without healthcare insurance.

Those people, who want to achieve a significant result using Saxenda, must be ready to take this drug for several years.

• When using only Saxenda for weight loss, the cost of one year weight loss therapy will exceed $10 000 US.
• Insured Americans will have to spend a little more than $350 US per year for Saxenda drug.

Such high price of Saxenda without insurance makes the purchase of this weight loss drug impossible. Therefore, an overwhelming majority of obese Americans will be prescribed cheap anorectic drugs, which prices are much lower than of Saxenda.

Unlike the USA, where anorectic drugs are actively used for weight loss, in EU countries the sale of anorectic drugs (including Phentermine) is prohibited.

The appearance of new Saxenda drug provides new opportunity for overweight European people to lose weight. So it is possible that many Europeans with diagnosed overweight or obesity will want to get a healthcare insurance only to be able to use an innovative Saxenda drug for weight loss.

Today, you can buy Saxenda only in the USA. Saxenda drug is approved for weight loss in EU and UK. Hence, it is possible that in the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016, people can buy Saxenda in the UK and 28 EU Member States.

Saxenda injections are not available online yet. Therefore, it is almost impossible to buy Saxenda online right now. If you decide to buy Saxenda online and Saxenda price on online pharmacy is lower than Saxenda price set by the manufacturer, then you can be certain that such Saxenda purchase offer is a fraud.

Novo Nordisk is an exclusive distributor of Saxenda in 2015-2016. You may find current information on suppliers of Saxenda and other weight loss products in the next reviews.