Saxenda dosing

Regardless of BMI level and obesity severity, Saxenda drug should not be used more than once daily. Saxenda injections are administered subcutaneously by means of special pen with the original dosing device.

For each Saxenda injection, it is necessary to use new needles that are sold separately. In some states, a prescription can be required to buy disposable needles.

A standard daily dose of Saxenda is 3mg. To reduce the risk of side effects, the obesity treatment should be started with the minimal dose of 0.6mg. Then, within the following 5 weeks, the daily dose of Saxenda should be gradually increased up to 3mg.

The titration scheme of Saxenda dose

• The first week – daily Saxenda 0.6mg injections
• The second week – daily Saxenda 1.2mg injections
• The third week – daily Saxenda 1.8mg injections
• The fourth week – daily Saxenda 2.4mg injections
• The fifth and subsequent weeks – daily Saxenda 3mg injections

penEach injection pen contains 3ml of Saxenda solution. The dosage of Liraglutide anorexigenic agent in a milliliter of solution is 6mg.
Thus, one injection pen contains 18mg of Liraglutide anorectic.

By means of convenient and functional dispenser, it is easy to establish the exact dose of Saxenda (Liraglutide) – 0.6mg, 1.2mg, 1.8mg, 2.4mg or 3mg.

• When complying with the recommended titration regimen of Saxenda dose, it is required to buy three Saxenda pre-filled pens in the first month of anti-obesity therapy.

• After the daily dose of Saxenda will be increased up to 3mg (the maximum recommended dose), it is required to buy the package with five Saxenda pre-filled pens monthly.

• Within a year of injectable weight loss therapy, no more than 60 Saxenda pens are required for a patient.

Novo Nordisk launched Saxenda sales just a few months ago, however already offers the potential buyers the possibility to get Savings Card.

• When buying Saxenda without insurance, the owners of Savings Card will be able to save monthly up to $200 US.

• Insured buyers of Saxenda will not spend on the obesity treatment more than $30 US per month.

It should be noted that for the participants of some insurance programs, Saxenda Savings Card is not available. Therefore, not all US inhabitants can buy Saxenda at the lowest price.

If you want to buy cheap Saxenda, find out from your doctor about all ways to save when buying this injectable drug. Information about the real price of Saxenda can be found in reviews of obese Americans, who are already using this new injectable drug for weight loss.