Redusure Review

Redusure is a powdered extract obtained from Amorphophallus konjac plant. Redusure extract contains water-soluble fibers that swell, as well as they are converted into gelatinous mass in the contact with liquid.

Due to the fact that gelatinous mass consisting of soluble dietary fibers expands the stomach, a person feels satiety even after consuming the minimum amount of food.

Increase of satiety is the main, but not the only effect of Redusure. Besides satiety increase, Redusure slows down the absorption of glucose, prevents a sharp increase in plasma insulin level and thereby reduces hunger.

Due to the ability of Redusure water-soluble fibers to increase satiety and to reduce hunger, a person taking this natural slimming product is easier to control the amount and calories of consumed food.

The powdered extract is used to produce OTC slimming products, such as Appecal, Appecal Biomed and XL-S Medical. The developer of Redusure extract is InQpharm company.

It should be noted that InQpharm is not the only developer and manufacturer of slimming products containing water-soluble dietary fibers.

In many countries of the world (such as the USA, Australia, the UK, Germany), water-soluble fibers made of Amorphophallus konjac are more known under the alternative name Glucomannan.

The manufacturers and distributors of slimming products containing Glucomannan water-soluble fibers are dozens companies, such as Nature’s Way, NOW Foods, Nutrigold, Best Naturals, Pure Naturals, Vitacost, Solaray and many others.

If you want to buy slimming tablets or capsules containing Redusure (Glucomannan) water-soluble fibers, you can order them online in any country of the world. Slimming products containing only Redusure (Glucomannan) are available for sale without a prescription.


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