Real Phentermine

Only those people can buy real Phentermine legally, who live in the country where this drug is approved as an obesity treatment. In 2015, real Phentermine is approved for sale in two North American countries – Mexico and the USA.

More than 15 years ago, real Phentermine was sold in Canada. However, subsequently it was withdrawn from the Canadian market and today, the current marketing status of Phentermine in Canada: Cancelled Post Market.

For several decades, adult Canadians suffering from obesity know Phentermine-containing drugs under the brands Ionamin and Fastin.

Under the same brand names, Phentermine was sold in the USA. Nevertheless, just as in Canada, Fastin and Ionamin (Phentermine-containing drugs) were withdrawn from the US market.

fastinToday, Fastin (Phentermine) capsules are sold in South Korea, while Ionamin brand is popular in Netherlands, Italy, Canada, the USA and Great Britain, but in 2015, Ionamin (Phentermine) capsules are no longer sold in these countries.

In 2015, the real Phentermine suppliers in the USA are more than 15 pharmaceutical companies, but the owner of the marketing authorization for Phentermine in Mexico – just one company.

Most legal suppliers of Phentermine-containing drugs in the USA promote them under the nonproprietary name Phentermine Hydrochloride. Only a few US suppliers offer for sale real Phentermine under the proprietary brands.

• Real Phentermine in tablets and capsules is available for sale under the brand Adipex-P.
• Real Phentermine in chewable tablets is sold under the brand Suprenza.
• Real Phentermine as a part of combined anti-obesity drug is sold under the brand Qsymia.

It is impossible to buy real Phentermine in the USA without a prescription approved by a doctor. Therefore, many obese Americans, who have contraindications for Phentermine or have no money to pay for the doctor’s services, are trying to buy real Phentermine online.

It should be noted that it is possible to buy real Phentermine online without script, but the supplier cannot guarantee that problems with postal delivery of real Phentermine will not arise.

Real Phentermine is a controlled drug, the sale of which without a prescription is prohibited. Thus, even if you are provided with the opportunity to order real Phentermine at low prices, it is better to refrain from buying Phentermine online without a prescription and to replace this anorectic for other appetite suppressant legally sold without a prescription.