Qsymia safety

In the studies of efficiency and safety of Qsymia, various groups of obese patients including those with high, moderate and low cardiovascular risks were involved.

Study results of Qsymia safety have demonstrated that this drug can increase cardiovascular risks, but does not cause dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it can be prescribed to patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Qsymia is an innovative drug used to treat obesity just a few years. Therefore, long-term effects of Qsymia are insufficiently studied. Accordingly, studies on the safety of this drug will continue.

QsymiaDespite the lack of the results of long-term post-marketing studies, more and more US physicians prescribe their patients namely Qsymia.

In just a year (since the beginning of 2013 to the beginning of 2014), the number of prescriptions written for Qsymia pills increased by 11%. Herewith, net income of Qsymia sales increased by 30% and exceeded $12.6 million.

It should be noted that the growth of Qsymia sales did not go unnoticed for large manufacturers of generic drugs. In 2015, two pharmaceutical companies – Teva and Actavis tried to get the US marketing authorization for generic versions of Qsymia.

The developer and manufacturer of Qsymia pills – Vivus filed a lawsuit against potential manufacturers of Qsymia generic drugs paying attention to the fact that he owns 11 US patents for Qsymia.

The validity of the exclusive US patent for Qsymia will expire in 2029. Therefore, for the next 14 years, Qsymia generic drugs will go on sale only in case if Vivus concludes an agreement with other companies on their commercialization.

Most likely, the first Qsymia generic drugs will be manufactured in India and exported to developing countries all over the world. In developed countries (including the USA), Qsymia generic drugs can be imported illegally by post.

The international online pharmacies take orders from almost any country in the world. However, when selling Qsymia generic or any other Phentermine-containing drug online, the suppliers cannot guarantee their delivery.

After all, to import controlled drugs in the developed countries, a license issued only to legal suppliers of RX weight loss products, is required. In 2015, the legal import of Qsymia generic drugs in the US is impossible. Therefore, in 2015 all offers to buy Qsymia generic in the United States – is a fraud.