Qsymia at discount

At the end of April 2015, pharmaceutical company Vivus announced the launch of a discount program for Qsymia diet pills. Participants of this program can only be the members of Sam’s Club, who have prescription for Qsymia.

At the moment of publication of this review, Qsymia pills are not yet included in the list of drugs that the members of Sam’s Plus club can buy at discount. Information that discount program for Qsymia is canceled, is also not available.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the beginning of the discount program has been delayed, and the members of Sam’s Plus club do not yet have the possibility to buy Qsymia at a discounted price.

samspluscardToday, Sam’s Club provides discounts on hundreds of different prescription drugs, but none of drugs to treat obesity is listed. If Sam’s Club launches the retail sales of Qsymia at discount, this step can affect the sales of another new drug for the obesity treatment – Belviq.

Today, the buyers of Belviq have the opportunity to get “savings card”, which allows to save up to $75 on the purchase of each package of diet pills or to spend no more than $75 on medical treatment of obesity each month.

Qsymia and Belviq are two new prescription weight loss products that came into the US market almost simultaneously. The manufacturers of Belviq and Qsymia provide significant discounts, thereby creating a serious competition to the manufacturers of other anorexigenic drugs.

Due to special offers and discounts, many obese Americans will use instead of Phentermine-containing products innovative pills – Belviq or Qsymia.

Herewith, the competition between Qsymia, Belviq and other anorectic drugs will promote the price reduction of all weight loss products available at the US market.

Today, residents of a few countries, including the United States can buy Qsymia and Belviq. In other countries, these new diet pills are not yet available. However, given positive reviews on the effectiveness and the absence of reports about dangerous side effects of Belviq and Qsymia, in 2015-2016, these drugs can be approved for the obesity treatment in other countries.