Phentermine Review

Despite the active development of pharmaceutical industry, new drugs for obesity treatment appear at pharmacies rarely with 10-15 years periodicity. Herewith, some new anti-obesity drugs contain active pharmaceutical substances that were developed in the second half of the 20th century.

Phentermine is exactly that active ingredient which pharmaceutical companies have been using to manufacture oral anti-obesity drugs more than 50 years. The USA was the first country where Phentermine diet pills have appeared in retail sale.

Since 1959 Americans, suffering from obesity have had the opportunity to use Phentermine pills for weight loss. Later, Phentermine pills have been also sold in other world countries. Although, in 2013 the highest sales of anti-obesity drug Phentermine are still registered in the USA.

Despite the fact that at the North American pharmaceutical market other anti-obesity drugs are also available, in the USA Phentermine continues to be the most prescribed drug for weight loss. It should be noted that pharmaceutical companies can sell diet pills, containing Phentermine both under original trade names (Qsymia) and under generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.

A huge popularity of Phentermine diet pills is caused by the fact that a person, suffering from obesity manages to reduce body weight in just 2-3 months. After all, Phentermine helps a person to significantly reduce the daily diet due to its pharmacological property to suppress appetite. Decrease in food intake stimulates fat burning, accumulated in the body.

Like any other appetite suppressant, included in pharmacological group of sympathomimetic amines, Phentermine should be included in combined anti-obesity therapy. If a person, taking Phentermine pills will not be physically active and will not follow the diet, he will not be able to achieve a rapid weight loss.

Most pharmaceutical companies are manufacturers and suppliers of Phentermine oral tablets and capsules. There are also companies that manufacture orally disintegrating tablets Phentermine that can be taken without water.

Advantage of Phentermine diet pills is that their use allows to quickly lose weight regardless of obesity severity. However, remember that Phentermine diet pills suppress appetite by affecting CNS functions. So, if obesity is associated with CNS diseases; depression or anxiety disorders, severe side effects may occur after Phentermine use.

To reduce the risk of developing side effects, it is necessary to observe the daily dosage of Phentermine. If a person, suffering from obesity has contraindications for Phentermine use, he should be prescribed alternative weight loss pills.

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