Phentermine in the UK

Phentermine has been available in the United Kingdom for over 30 years now. In 2001, the European Medicines Agency recommended to withdraw Phentermine from the UK market. However, this recommendation was fulfilled partially, and thus overweight British people still have a chance to buy Phentermine these days.

ukIn 2015, people can get Phentermine in the UK legally only in private slimming centers and clinics. NHS GPs do not prescribe Phentermine since in 2001-2002, a strict law was introduced, requiring to withdraw this slimming drug from the UK market .

Given the fact that Phentermine was not approved by NHS, it is impossible to find Phentermine at licensed UK pharmacies. To buy Phentermine in the UK, you need to visit a private slimming clinic and pay for doctor’s service.

The cost of first consultation of a skilled UK doctor specializing on anti-obesity treatment ranges between 20 and 200 GBP. Second consultation can be free of charge or cheaper than the first one.

The first consultation is needed to get not only Phentermine in the UK, but also an optimal weight loss program from a doctor. For a rapid weight loss, it is important to adjust an effective Phentermine dose, taking into account:

• Patient’s age
• History of obesity
• Concomitant risk factors
• Level of physical activity

Next visits to the doctor are needed to assess the efficiency of weight loss program and to make a decision about the appropriateness of further use of Phentermine drug.

The price of Phentermine in the UK is similar to the price of Phentermine in the USA and Australia. Depending on the used Phentermine dose and the cost of weight loss clinic services, the cost of drug anti-obesity therapy for one month in the UK (using Phentermine) varies from 80-150 GBP.

If the doctor prescribed Phentermine in the UK along with physiotherapeutic procedures or psychotherapy, the costs of anti-obesity therapy might exceed 150 GBP per month.

To reduce the costs of weight loss therapy, patients need to find a cheap UK weight loss clinic, which offers their clients to buy Phentermine in the UK at low price.

If you want to buy cheap Phentermine in the UK, you can learn the reviews about various slimming clinics and centers where doctors prescribe their patients Phentermine pills.

You can find on different online forums some reviews about slimming centers, as well as distributors (suppliers) of cheap Phentermine. Many UK suppliers of Phentermine have no marketing authorization for this slimming drug. Therefore, they supply Phentermine in the UK through online pharmacies.

You can buy Phentermine on the UK online pharmacy using MasterCard or any other international payment system. Before you purchase Phentermine online in the UK, you need to make sure the supplier has got the UK authorization for Phentermine-containing drugs.

Typharm Limited is one of the few licensed suppliers of Phentermine in the UK in 2015. Phentermine pills by Typharm are sold in the UK under the brand name Ionamin.