Phentermine in sports

Besides success stories, Phentermine can cause frustration stories. Many cases of accidental or intentional use of Phentermine, because of which an athlete has problems in sports, are annually registered in the USA.

One of the most resonance cases of “successful” Phentermine use occurred in 2007. NBA player Lindsey Benson Hunter, Jr. was disqualified for 10 games because doping test confirmed the presence of Phentermine psychostimulant in his body.

426267Lindsey Hunter stated that his wife is taking Phentermine and he took this CNS stimulant accidentally instead of cold medicine. However, this statement did not affect the decision on his disqualification.

According to the terms of U.S. anti-doping program, in primary detection of Phentermine in the athlete’s body, he is automatically disqualified for 10 games. In repeated use of Phentermine or other psychostimulants as doping, Anti-Doping Agency may decide about lifetime suspension of the athlete from his sport.

For example, the US cyclist Duane Dickey received a one-year suspension in 2002 for the use of Phentermine. In 2010, Duane Dickey repeatedly violated anti-doping rule, received lifetime period of ineligibility and was forced to complete his professional sport career.

Duane Dickey is not the only cyclist for whom Phentermine was not the success story, but the story of frustration.

• In November 2004, 2-year period of ineligibility was received by the cyclist Chelsea Redwood because of Phentermine use. As Chelsea stated, she did not know that Phentermine is a doping, but this statement did not affect the decision of the U.S. Anti-doping Agency.

• In May 2005, the similar story was happened with the cyclist Randy Dreyer. Besides the fact that he was disqualified for two years, his sport results and achievements were canceled.

• One of the last US cyclists for whom a success story has been transformed into a story of defeat was Yoelkis Aira. Because of Phentermine use before competitions, Aira accepted a two-year period of ineligibility. Just as Randy Dreyer, Yoelkis Aira was deprived of all points, medals and sport awards received in previous years.

Before to start using Phentermine, professional athletes should be cautioned about the fact that this psychostimulant can put an end to their successful career.

So that Phentermine helps to create a real success story without the potential risks for sport career, the use of Phentermine pills should be discontinued a few month before the competition.

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