Phentermine in Philippines

Philippines are one of the South Eastern Asia countries, where weight loss drugs containing Phentermine anorexigenic agent are sold. Today, the list of FDA registered drugs (Philippines) contains just one Phentermine-based drug. However, there were more drugs of the same kind several years ago.

In 2015, Philippine pharmacies offer for sale oral capsules, containing 15mg and 30mg of anorexigenic agent called Phentermine. These capsules are available under the original trade name – Duromine.

• The importer of Duromine (Phentermine) capsules is iNova.
• The distributor of Duromine (Phentermine) capsules in Philippines is Metro Drug Inc.

It should be noted that Metro Drug Inc. is a distributor of Duromine capsules as well as importer of weight loss capsules that are sold in Philippines under Phentermine generic name. It was reported that Metro Drug Inc. imports Phentermine 30mg capsules from Australia. The information on these capsules manufacturer is not available.

To buy Duromine and any other Phentermine-based drugs in Philippines, people need a prescription. Purchase and sale of Duromine (Phentermine) without prescription is prohibited. Obese Filipinos can buy 15 or 30 Duromine capsules per pack now.

Metro Drug IncPhilippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) published some information on that in addition to Duromine capsules, people may find in Philippines other Phentermine-based drug, called Ionamin.

The importer of Ionamin capsules to Philippines is indicated as Zuellig Pharma (part of Pfizer). However, you can hardly find any confirm or refute to this information from other sources.

It is known that there are packages with 100 Ionamin capsules on pharmaceutical market of Philippines. The dose of active ingredient Phentermine in one Ionamin capsule is either 15mg or 30mg, just as in Duromine capsules.

If you want to buy Phentermine in Philippines, ask your therapist to write out a prescription on this drug. If Phentermine (Duromine, Ionamin) capsules are contraindicated for you, you may use other weight loss drugs to fight against obesity.

Besides Phentermine anorexigenic drug, Philippine pharmacies can offer you Sibutramine appetite suppressant and Orlistat fat blocker. Each of these drugs has contraindications for use. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor before buying them.

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