Phentermine by Olon

olon_spaIn most European countries, the sales of Phentermine-containing drugs were discontinued in early 2000’s. But some European pharmaceutical companies are still producing Phentermine anorexigenic agent, exporting it to other countries of the globe.

An Italian-based company, called Olon S.p.A. (part of Fidia Pharma) is one of the European producers of Phentermine in 2015. This pharmaceutical company is a world leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including of Phentermine anorectic drug.

Olon does not produce readymade forms, containing Phentermine. Therefore, it does not own the license for wholesale and retail sales of Phentermine-containing diet pills, cooperating with manufacturers of anorectic weight loss products only.

In addition to Phentermine, Olon produces some other anorexigenic agents, some of which are exported to the USA. The list of anorexigenic agents, produced by Olon includes the following active ingredients:

• Benzphetamine HCl (Didrex*)
• Phendimetrazine HCl (Obex LA, Bontril*)
• Clobenzorex HCl (Asenlix, Benturex, Dinintel*)
• Phentermine HCl (Ionamin, Adipex, Duromine*)
• Diethylpropion HCl (Neobes, Tenuate, Regenon*)

*Trade names of weight loss drugs.

There is no information on pharmaceutical companies, using anorexigenic agents by Olon to produce diet pills. You may find the information on other manufacturers of Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Benzphetamine, Clobenzorex and Diethylpropion anorexigenic agents in previous and following reviews.