Phentermine by DAEHWA Pharmaceutical

DAEHWADAEHWA is the South Korean manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, as well as the supplier of anorexigenic drug – Phentermine. In July 2010, DAEHWA received the marketing authorization for Phentermine 37.5mg tablets in South Korea.

White, round Phentermine 37.5mg tabs by DAEHWA are supplied in plastic bottles. There is an original marking and break line on the both sides of Phentermine tabs by DAEHWA, by its means the tablet can be divided into two equal doses – Phentermine 18.75mg.

Before buying Phentermine drug by DAEHWA, potential buyers can compare its price with more than 10 other Phentermine-containing drugs available at South Korean market. Information about Phentermine price in South Korea can be found out from the pharmacists of the international online pharmacies.