Phendimetrazine by Elite Labs

Elite Labs gained the U.S. marketing authorization for two slimming drugs. One of these drugs is sold in the USA under nonproprietary name Phendimetrazine. This drug is a generic version of Bontril PDM anorexigenic drug, which was approved by the FDA for treatment of exogenous obesity in 1982.

Bontril PDMPhendimetrazine 35mg tablets by Elite Labs were approved by the FDA in 2008. Within 4 years, Elite Labs was getting ready to start selling Phendimetrazine in the USA. In late 2012, overweight Americans gained the access to this generic of Bontril PDM.

It is noteworthy that Elite Labs produces but do not supply Phendimetrazine 35mg slimming tablets to the USA. Elite Labs entered into an agreement with Mikah Pharma to commercialize Phendimetrazine in the USA. Mikah Pharma and Elite Labs signed this agreement for 5 years (with the possibility of extension).

It is noteworthy that Mikah Pharma transferred the rights on marketing and promotion of Phendimetrazine in the USA to Actavis. So, today this slimming drug is distributed within the U.S. by a global integrated specialty pharmaceutical company – Actavis, but not by Mikah Pharma.

Another FDA-approved slimming drug by Elite Labs is Phentermine. Elite Labs produces Phentermine tablets and capsules, as well as Phendimetrazine. The distributor of Phentermine drug (produced by Elite Labs) is Precision Dose, Inc. Elite Labs and Precision Dose, who signed a 5-year licensed agreement on commercialization of Phentermine within the USA.

Elite Labs owns the U.S. licenses of four dosage forms of slimming products, including:

• Phentermine 15mg capsules
• Phentermine 30mg capsules
• Phentermine 37.5mg tablets (generic version of Adipex-P)
• Phendimetrazine 35mg tablets (generic version of Bontril PDM)

Besides the Elite Labs, the marketing authorization for Phendimetrazine was issued to 4 other companies, while for Phentermine – to over 15 companies. The FDA approves several new Phentermine-based drugs every year. Therefore, the competition in this segment of the U.S. pharmaceutical market is constantly growing.

High competition keeps prices on Phendimetrazine and Phentermine at the same level. However, because of inflation, currency fluctuations and negative tendencies on global financial market, the cost per prescription slimming products in the USA is still growing.

If you want to buy Phentermine, Phendimetrazine or any other slimming drug at a low price, just compare the prices on bioequivalent drugs by different manufacturers (distributors). You may learn the information on producers and distributors of slimming drugs to your region from a pharmacist or your physician.

If you find a cheap slimming drug on online pharmacy, before buying it, please you consult a pharmacist and check the delivery countries list, to make sure this drug can be delivered to your country. Please note that sale of Phendimetrazine and Phentermine in the USA without prescription is banned.

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