Phen375 Ingredients Chromium Picolinate

Every diet pill of Phen375 contains 1mg of naturally occurring substance Chromium Picolinate, which can:

  • improve metabolism
  • reduce the blood cholesterol
  • reduce the blood glucose

In August 25, 2005 the FDA published data on that micro-element Chromium Picolinate can reduce the risk of insulin resistance. Therefore people, who take Chromium Picolinate may have smaller risk of diabetes type II.

Post-marketing studies data of naturally occurring substance Chromium Picolinate, show that this substance has slight antidepressant effect. Still, no large scale clinical trials of antidepressant effect of Chromium Picolinate have been conducted.

Safety of Chromium Picolinate for the human body was approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Thus it is not surprising that oral medicines containing Chromium Picolinate are produced by dozens manufacturers of natural health products (NHP). For instance, there are over 40 companies in Canada that got the trade license of NHP containing Chromium Picolinate.

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