Phen-Pro Review

Almost immediately after Fen-Phen withdrawal from the US market (in 1997), the commercial supplier of weight loss products in the USA – NutriSystem suggested to use another combination of anorectic agents – Phentermine and Fluoxetine to combat obesity.

In 1997, Fluoxetine was sold only under the brand Prozac in the USA. Thus, the combination of Phentermine and Fluoxetine anorectics got a reduced name Phen-Pro.

After the publication of the first reviews about the fact that Phen-Pro can be considered as an alternative to Fen-Phen, the manufacturer of Prozac (Eli Lilly) published his press release about the combination of Phen-Pro.

phen-proThis press release claimed that Prozac is approved as the treatment of depressive disorders and the combined use of Phentermine and Prozac has not been studied. Therefore, information about Phen-Pro side effects and its effectiveness when treating obesity is unavailable.

The US licensed physicians did not prescribe Phen-Pro to their patients. So today, it is impossible to find information about post-marketing observations of obese Americans used Phen-Pro for weight loss.

Real reviews about Phen-Pro are also unavailable. However, the FDA time to time publishes information about the fact that combined diet drugs similar to Phen-Pro are supplied at the USA market.

In 2015, the FDA published a warning for five combined weight loss products containing Fluoxetine. These diet drugs are supplied at the US market illegally and are sold without a prescription in the USA.

For example, the distributor of weight loss products – Detox Transforms exports diet pills «Insane Bee Pollen» and «Edge Amplified Weight Release» into the USA. These diet pills contain an unapproved FDA combination Fluoxetine and Phenolphthalein (laxative).

Other diet pills, similar to Phen-Pro are sold under the brand Natural Max Slimming in the USA. These diet pills contain a combination of three active ingredients, such as:

• Fluoxetine antidepressant
• Sibutramine anorectic agent (was withdrawn in 2010)
• Sildenafil drug to restore erection (is well known under the brand Viagra in the USA).

Potential risks and benefits of Phen-Pro and other double and triple diet drugs containing Fluoxetine have not been studied. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy and use such drugs for weight loss.

If you want to buy a combined OTC diet drug, which is sold legally in the USA, choose weight loss products that are manufactured and supplied in the USA – by the U.S. companies.