Orlistat in Australia

Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency approved Orlistat as an obesity treatment in 1998. More than 15 years ago, Orlistat 120mg pills began to be sold in Australia under the trade name Xenical. A trading license for Xenical in Australia was granted to Roche Registration Ltd. company.

In Australia, diet pills containing 120mg of active ingredient Orlistat came into the market in 2009. Since early 2009, the supplier of Orlistat 60mg pills at Australian market is Glaxo Wellcome Operations. At Australian pharmacies, Orlistat 60mg pills are sold under the trade name Alli.

  • Roche Registration Ltd. and Glaxo Wellcome Operations are the only Australian suppliers of Orlistat pills (Xenical, Alli) in 2014.
  • The marketing status of Orlistat pills (Xenical, Alli) in Australia – “medicinal products not subject to medical prescription”.

In 2015, the first generic Alli may appear at the Australian market. Actavis Group PTC ehf. plans to supply in Australia Orlistat 60mg pills that will be sold under the trade name Orlistat Actavis 60mg.

Pharmaceutical company, Actavis already supplies Orlistat diet pills at the European pharmaceutical market. In the UK and Bulgaria, Actavis sells Orlistat under the trade name Beacita, and in Switzerland – under the trade name Orlistat Actavis.

If you want to buy Orlistat pills at low price, find out from your doctor under what trade names cheap Orlistat slimming medicine is sold in your city. If Orlistat medicine is very expensive in your region, you can find cheap Orlistat pills on online pharmacies.


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