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Phentermine influence on making decisions

In 2015, a resident of Florida (the USA) purchased a two-storey house at auction and paid for it a little more than $100,000. The initial price of this house at auction was $290,000. Within a few days, this woman was sure that she bought two-storey house at very low price. However, in just a few

Saxenda effectiveness

Effectiveness of a new slimming drug – Saxenda has been studied for three years. The results of long-term studies of Saxenda were analyzed by the employees of: • Health Canada • European Medicines Agency • Food and Drug Administration (USA) The analysis of study results has confirmed that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss, and

Movement without pain

Regular physical loads are as important for weight loss as healthy diet and maintenance of normal metabolism. However, people predisposed to obesity face serious problem, which significantly restricts their physical activity. This problem is that joints experience excessive load because of extra pounds. Herewith, intensive physical loads aggravate joint problems. If there is no discomfort

Appetite control

For additional stimulus to lose weight, intake of high-calorie food should be limited. However, because of increased appetite, it is unlikely to cope with the painful feeling of hunger independently. Therefore, to increase appetite control, a daily diet should include high-energy, but low-calorie products that contain a large amount of plant fiber. First, a low-fat

Obesity risk factors

Modern society created a stereotype on that a sedentary life is the key problem of obesity. However, many experts draw our attention to the fact that the obesity rate has sharply increased over the last 30 years. Still, the levels of physical activity almost have not changed. Thus, the statement that the waist size increases

Obesity and plastic surgery

In 2015, the research data demonstrated that obesity negatively affects the recovery period after plastic surgery. The study was to monitor patients who use liposuction or abdominoplasty for weight loss. The researchers concluded that more than 7% of obese patients have had some postoperative complications within 1 month after the plastic surgery. Herewith, more than

RX anorectics for children

Rare food intakes promote the disruption of lipid metabolism and can cause hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia. Therefore, obese children are advised to eat 5-6 times a day. Frequent food intakes do not only prevent hyperlipidemia, but also effectively satisfy hunger. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the process of fat splitting in the

Will Twitter make to lose weight?

University employees of South Carolina conducted a study and came to an unexpected conclusion. Scientists claim that every 10 posts in Twitter burn up to 0.5% of adipose tissue. The study involved 96 people with obesity and overweight, who were divided into 2 groups. • The first group received weekly recommendations about proper nutrition and

Does starvation cause obesity?

Starving Americans that participate in charitable programs, have a greater tendency to develop diabetes, obesity and hypertension, than other U.S. citizens have. This is the conclusion of experts from nongovernmental organization Feeding America. It turned out that most of poor people receiving allowances spend money on potato chips, soda drinks and fast food. During the

Psychotherapy of childhood obesity

Rational psychotherapy is considered one of the most important components of obesity complex therapy. Not only psychotherapist and children participate in the treatment, but also parents. Apart from the fact that parents should encourage their child to lead a healthy lifestyle, they should try to enhance his self-esteem. When making a diet plan for a

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