Phentermine influence on making decisions

In 2015, a resident of Florida (the USA) purchased a two-storey house at auction and paid for it a little more than $100,000. The initial price of this house at auction was $290,000.

Within a few days, this woman was sure that she bought two-storey house at very low price. However, in just a few days after the buying of house, she was shocked by the news that in addition to $ 100,000, she needs to pay Chase Mortgage charge of $400,000. careful study of conditions of house purchase, the woman tried to cancel the deal in court. The main motive for the deal termination was the fact that the woman began taking Phentermine pills shortly before the house purchase.

The woman claims that Phentermine pills negatively affect her ability to make informed decisions. However, the organizers of the auction claim that the house was sold properly, so there are no objective reasons for the deal cancellation.

Phentermine really can cause psychiatric side effects. However, it is almost impossible to prove that the therapeutic doses of Phentermine forced the woman to make uninformed decisions.

The list of Phentermine side effects includes several severe CNS side effects, such as clumsiness, confusion, dizziness, dysphoria, euphoria, headache, insomnia, overstimulation, psychosis, restlessness, tiredness, and tremor.

Unfortunately, the woman purchased the house has no convincing evidence that the decision was made under the Phentermine influence. Therefore, the chances to cancel the deal of buying a home are equal to zero.

In the USA, Phentermine is taken by hundreds of thousands of obese men and women. Therefore, the story of buying a home in the USA is not the only curious case related to the use of Phentermine anorectic.

Other unsuccessful examples, as well as success stories associated with Phentermine use can be found in the previous and the next reviews.

Saxenda effectiveness

Effectiveness of a new slimming drug – Saxenda has been studied for three years. The results of long-term studies of Saxenda were analyzed by the employees of:

• Health Canada
• European Medicines Agency
• Food and Drug Administration (USA)

The analysis of study results has confirmed that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss, and its effectiveness exceeds potential health risks. In the USA, Canada and Europe, Saxenda is approved to treat exogenous obesity:

• In overweight patients with BMI of 27 to 29.9
• In obese patients with BMI of 30 and greater

saxedra_penThe study results have demonstrated that Saxenda drug helps not only to lose weight, but also to reduce cardiometabolic risks.

Given the fact that Saxenda effectively reduces body weight and not less effectively decreases the blood sugar level, its use helps delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes by no less than 80%.

It should be noted that Saxenda contains active ingredient Liraglutide, which has been used as an anti-diabetic agent for over 5 years. In the USA, Liraglutide-containing antidiabetic drug is available under the brand Victoza.

• The range of effective daily doses of Victoza (Liraglutide) for diabetes treatment varies from the initial dose of 0.6mg up to the maximum dose of 1.8mg.
• The standard therapeutic dose of Saxenda (Liraglutide) for the obesity treatment is 3mg.

Just as Saxenda solution for injections, Victoza solution is injected under the skin by means of dispenser pen. The maximum single dose, which can be injected by means of Victoza pen, is 1.8mg.

Thus, Liraglutide-containing drug – Victoza cannot be used for the obesity treatment and should be prescribed only to patients with type 2 diabetes.

• The FDA (USA) confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this drug for the obesity treatment on December 23, 2014.

• Health Canada confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this weight loss drug on February 26, 2015.

• EMA confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this slimming drug on March 23, 2015.

In June 2015, it is possible to buy Saxenda only in the USA. Information in what countries Saxenda sales will be launched in 2015-2016 you can find in the following reviews.

Movement without pain

Regular physical loads are as important for weight loss as healthy diet and maintenance of normal metabolism. However, people predisposed to obesity face serious problem, which significantly restricts their physical activity.

This problem is that joints experience excessive load because of extra pounds. Herewith, intensive physical loads aggravate joint problems.

foot+painIf there is no discomfort in the joints before workouts in the gym, regular jogging or biking; after the start of workouts – nagging pain can force you to reduce the intensity of physical exercises or to refuse from them at all.

The lack of physical activity significantly reduces the efficiency of fighting excess weight. Therefore, trying to lose weight, do not forget that joints require additional protection when increasing physical loads.

Without reliable protection of joints, aching joint pain, which previously occurred only when walking or performing exercise, will occur at rest.

In this case, any physical loads should be stopped, but to restore the function of joint tissue – a long time is required.

So that the joints maintain their mobility, as well as are not destroyed by intensive exercise, joint and connective tissue should be nourished with the glucosamine and chondroitin.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are building components of cartilage tissue that inhibit the development of degenerative processes in the joints and restore their function.

Therefore planning physical activities that stimulate rapid fat burning, be sure not to forget about the health of joints. After all, weight loss should be not only rapid, but also safe.

Otherwise, after solving the problem of excess weight, solution of the problem with aching and inflamed joints will be required.

Appetite control

For additional stimulus to lose weight, intake of high-calorie food should be limited. However, because of increased appetite, it is unlikely to cope with the painful feeling of hunger independently.

Therefore, to increase appetite control, a daily diet should include high-energy, but low-calorie products that contain a large amount of plant fiber.

  • First, a low-fat plant fiber is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acid complexes that enhance satiety and reduce hunger.
  • Secondly, plant fiber is a source of nitrogenous compounds involved in the regulation of metabolism and contribute to the destruction of fat cells.

how-to-control-your-hungerAs an additional source of low-calorie energy, flax flour, pumpkin seed flour or sea buckthorn seed meal can be used that in comparison with other dietary products contain the greatest amount of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Socially active men and women have no possibility to take plant fiber flour before each main meal.

Therefore, those who have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the home can substitute dietary flour or seed meal for dietary fiber in tablets (capsules).

Insoluble dietary fibers (e.g., microcrystalline cellulose) have the unique property to swell in the stomach, to increase the amount of food eaten, and thereby to create the illusion of fullness.

In addition, dietary fibers have a pronounced detoxification effect. Therefore, besides the enhancement of satiety, they prevent the absorption of toxins and slags in the intestine, thereby helping to maintain a normal metabolism in the body.

Obesity risk factors

Modern society created a stereotype on that a sedentary life is the key problem of obesity. However, many experts draw our attention to the fact that the obesity rate has sharply increased over the last 30 years. Still, the levels of physical activity almost have not changed.

Thus, the statement that the waist size increases due to low physical activity is unreliable. The thing is that a well-balanced diet helps to keep a beautiful body shape even if a person does not do fitness or sports.

Well, malnutrition and insufficient physical activity are not the only reasons why people become obese; there is one more – stress.

Over the decades, American researchers had been watching over teenagers and concluded that children prone to stress had higher risk of obesity than children who were raised in harmony and a healthy emotional atmosphere.

The researchers name several stressful situations that may cause obesity in teenagers.

• The psychological risk factors of weight gain in girls may be a stress caused by unstable financial situation in the family or parents’ divorce.

• It is believed that stress caused by serious problem of mother’s health one of the psychogenic risk factors of obesity in boys.

Despite the fact that the causes of obesity in children and adults may differ, the method of anti-obesity treatment slightly depends on a person’s age.

1. The first step towards weight loss in children and adults – is a gradual increase of physical activity.
2. The second step to weight loss – is a gradual elimination of fast food and high-calorie fatty food from daily diet.

If the body weight is reduced by less than 5% of the initial weight in three months after the anti-obesity treatment, people can make the third step towards a significant weight loss.

To lose weight rapidly, people can use diet pills, medical devices or surgery. But in most cases, people use diet pills to cure obesity at home.

Obesity risk factorsTo buy the most effective diet pills – you need a prescription. It has to be noted that highly effective anti-obesity drugs are only prescribed to those people, who has the appropriate indications for use of these drugs.

In the USA, Phentermine pills were the best diet pills over the last 50 years. These diet pills have been successfully used for weight loss for many decades. Therefore, their effectiveness was confirmed during the numerous clinical studies and thousands real reviews on Phentermine ability to stimulate the quick weight loss.

You can find both positive and negative feedbacks about Phentermine on the Internet forums. The main drawback of Phentermine pills is that their efficiency starts to decrease over a couple of months after the beginning of the treatment. Therefore, those people who did not manage to lose weight by means of Phentermine within 2-3 months, have to search some new methods to fight obesity.

If Phentermine pills are ineffective, you can always replace them by other diet pills that are available over-the-counter or by prescription only at pharmacies. Please note that over-the-counter weight loss supplements are less effective than Phentermine.

However, unlike Phentermine that can cause drug dependence and severe cardiovascular side effects, over-the-counter weight loss products are completely safe for human health.

In 2015, Phentermine pills are used for the treatment of obesity only in a few countries of the world. The highest volume of retail sales of Phentermine was registered in the USA. In addition, Phentermine pills are the leaders on the Australian market of weight loss products.

Some international distributors of weight loss products offer to buy Phentermine online in any country of the globe. When buying Phentermine online, a purchaser must know that the wholesale and retail sales of Phentermine without prescription – are illegal.

Herewith, only those Companies can import Phentermine to the USA or Australia, which own the marketing authorization for Phentermine in these countries.

Obesity and plastic surgery

In 2015, the research data demonstrated that obesity negatively affects the recovery period after plastic surgery.

The study was to monitor patients who use liposuction or abdominoplasty for weight loss. The researchers concluded that more than 7% of obese patients have had some postoperative complications within 1 month after the plastic surgery. Herewith, more than 3% of obese people required hospitalization due to complications.

Despite the high risks of complications, hundreds of thousands of obese people annually choose namely surgery for weight loss. The advantage of surgery over pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological treatment of obesity is that surgery helps to get a slender figure in just one or a few days.

• To get a perfect figure by means of prescription diet pills, from 4 up to 12 weeks is required.
• For a significant weight loss by means of over-the-counter diet pills, approximately half a year is required.
• When only diet therapy and regular physical loads are used for weight loss, the duration of weight loss program may reach a few years.

Surgery is a highly effective, but very expensive way of weight loss. Millions of obese people cannot pay surgeon services, so they use RX or OTC diet pills for weight loss.

Obesity and plastic surgeryOne of the best RX diet pills in 2015 can be called Phentermine. In the USA, Phentermine is the most popular drug for weight loss. Despite the fact that the number of overweight and obese Americans increases each year, the sales of Phentermine are gradually reduced in the USA.

The reason for lower demand for Phentermine in the USA is that the FDA has approved several new drugs for the obesity treatment for the last few years.

In 2015, the US suppliers of Phentermine have to compete with the suppliers of new anti-obesity drugs, such as Belviq and Qsymia. The manufacturers of new diet pills claim that their weight loss products are safer than Phentermine pills.

However, given the fact that Qsymia and Belviq are sold just a few years, their long-term effects are insufficiently studied. Therefore, many American doctors continue to prescribe to their patients well-studied Phentermine-containing weight loss products.

RX anorectics for children

Rare food intakes promote the disruption of lipid metabolism and can cause hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia. Therefore, obese children are advised to eat 5-6 times a day. Frequent food intakes do not only prevent hyperlipidemia, but also effectively satisfy hunger.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the process of fat splitting in the child’s body occurs more intense in the first half of the day. Therefore, in the first half of the day, caloric intake should be higher than in the second. In order to limit the consumption of high-calorie food in the afternoon, the child should not eat meat and fatty dishes for dinner.

The energy value of the diet should not exceed the actual energy consumption of the child. Because of the long period of improper food and hypodynamia, the daily rate of energy expenditure decreases in the majority of obese children. Therefore, in the calculation of daily energy intake, it is necessary to focus on the level of the child’s physical activity.

If your child is not able independently to adhere to a hypocaloric diet, the pediatrician may prescribe him an appetite suppressant. For over 50 years, the most prescribed appetite suppressant all over the world is Phentermine.

• In the UK, this appetite suppressant is better known under the proprietary name Ionamin. MHRA approved Ionamin as an obesity treatment in children from 12 years and older. In the UK, Ionamin (Phentermine) pills are prescribed only to patients with BMI of 30 and above.

• In the USA, Phentermine-containing drug is sold under various proprietary name, including Adipex. The FDA approved Adipex as an obesity treatment in adolescents from 16 years and older. In the USA, Adipex (Phentermine) pills can be used for the obesity treatment in patients with BMI of 27 and above.

• In Australia, diet pills containing Phentermine are sold under the proprietary name Duromine. TGA approved Duromine as an obesity treatment in children from 12 years and older. In Australia, Duromine (Phentermine) pills can be prescribed for overweight and obese patients with BMI of 25 and above.

anorectics-for-childrenIonamin, Adipex and Duromine diet pills are sold by prescription only. To get a prescription for Phentermine-containing pills, a child should undergo a medical examination. Only when the pediatrician makes sure that benefits of Phentermine exceed potential risks to the child’s health, he will be able to write out the prescription for this anorexigenic drug.

It should be noted that Phentermine (Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine) for a child could be prescribed only by a doctor who has experience in the treatment of obese children and adolescents. All Phentermine-containing diet pills can cause drug dependence. Therefore, children who have been prescribed with such diet pills should take them only under the supervision of their parents or treating doctor.

If you want to buy Duromine, Ionamin or Adipex but these diet pills are not sold in your city, find out from your doctor under what proprietary names they are available in your country. It is not excluded that cheap Phentermine pills are sold in your region under nonproprietary name Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Will Twitter make to lose weight?

University employees of South Carolina conducted a study and came to an unexpected conclusion. Scientists claim that every 10 posts in Twitter burn up to 0.5% of adipose tissue.

The study involved 96 people with obesity and overweight, who were divided into 2 groups.

• The first group received weekly recommendations about proper nutrition and about benefits of physical activity on mobile devices.
• The second group received the same messages, but additionally used Twitter to communicate with other participants of experiment.

twitterSix months after the start of the study, there was revealed that obese people, who daily used Twitter to communicate with each other, burn more calories than obese people involved in the first group.

The study authors believe that the traditional model of weight loss program should include a weekly communication and exchange of experience among obese people who are trying to lose weight.

However, due to lack of time and additional financial costs, weekly meetings are available not to each participant of weight loss program.

Therefore, online chat on Twitter or other social networks can help obese people faster to achieve the desired result, even in the absence of a large amount of free time and additional financial means.

Does starvation cause obesity?

Starving Americans that participate in charitable programs, have a greater tendency to develop diabetes, obesity and hypertension, than other U.S. citizens have.

starvationThis is the conclusion of experts from nongovernmental organization Feeding America. It turned out that most of poor people receiving allowances spend money on potato chips, soda drinks and fast food.

During the survey, 60 thousand of poor people were interviewed all over the USA. Almost 80% of respondents said that spend their allowances for fast food. The truth is that hamburgers, chips, soda drinks are much cheaper than healthy foods and they satisfy hunger much faster too. Namely these junk foods lead to high index of obesity among poor Americans.

The problem becomes worse because you can hardly find a store with healthy food at affordable price around neighborhoods where poor people live.

The results of this survey have shown that

• About 33% of American people are diabetic patients.
• About 60% of poor Americans are hypertonic patients.

Moreover, specialists from Feeding America have established that over 55% of interviewed U.S. residents eat expired foods. Another one popular solution 50% of starving Americans use – they buy products with damaged packaging.

The paradox is that poor Americans choose foods that quickly satisfies hunger, yet contains insufficient amount of healthy nutrients. The consumption of such foods violates the metabolism and causes weight gain. Thus, for most poor Americans, obesity becomes kind of side effect of starvation.

When people have no money for healthy food, then they cannot afford effective methods to struggle with obesity either. Because if you cannot lose weight using non-drug methods of anti-obesity therapy, you need diet pills and many of them are available in the USA by prescription.

• The most prescribed diet pills in the USA are Adipex and Xenical, but the newest ones – Qsymia and Belviq.
• The marketing status of Xenical (Orlistat), Adipex (Phentermine), Belviq (Lorcaserin) and Qsymia (Phentermine; Topiramate) in the USA – RX only.

Even if a poor American has money to buy some prescription diet pills, the access is still limited. First of all, he needs to consult a doctor and undergo a complex medical examination to be able to get the diet pills.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of poor Americans cannot afford to pay the services of doctor specializing on obesity therapy, they have to give up the fight against obesity, or use some accessible over-the-counter diet pills for weight loss.

Psychotherapy of childhood obesity

Rational psychotherapy is considered one of the most important components of obesity complex therapy. Not only psychotherapist and children participate in the treatment, but also parents.

Apart from the fact that parents should encourage their child to lead a healthy lifestyle, they should try to enhance his self-esteem. When making a diet plan for a child, it is necessary to:

• avoid too strict dietary restriction
• set clear boundaries of acceptable eating behavior
• never use food as a reward or punishment

Eating behavior correction is a perspective method of childhood obesity treatment. For behavioral therapy of obesity in children, many methods can be used. These methods allow to change a child’s attitude to food and physical activity.

These methods include:

• Removal from home all junk food and purchasing of healthy foods at store
• Setting goals on energy expenditure by means of physical load
• Encouraging children to a proper and sufficient movement

weight-loss-for-childrenThe behavioral therapy must be carried out by specialists (pediatricians, nutritionists, fitness instructors and psychologists). When parents are also involved, the efficiency of the drug anti-obesity treatment is increased.

It should be noted that dietary habits in children are formed under the influence of dietary habits of other family members. Therefore, to train a child to eat only healthy foods, parents should change their food preferences as well.

Healthy diet and high physical activity is a priority method in the childhood obesity treatment. However, according to American Association for the Study of Obesity in Children, doctors should consider the possibility to prescribe non-drug anti-obesity therapy for a childhood obesity that is accompanied by many factors.

Prescription weight loss drugs (Duromine, Metermine, Adipex, Ionamin and Suprenza) should be prescribed to children with caution. It is known that many of them may cause serious side effects, such as cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders.

In order to increase the effectiveness of a complex weight loss program, a child is often prescribed physiotherapeutic procedures. The recommended methods of physiotherapy of obesity involve hydrotherapy (power shower, contrast shower, underwater shower massage), full body massage, electromyostimulation, individual therapeutic physical training.

Physiotherapeutic procedures allow activating the blood circulation, stimulating the metabolism and improving the skin tone. When prescribing a physiotherapy, the doctor should take into consideration the goals of treatment and possible contraindications.

The efficiency of psychotherapy, medical therapy and (or) physiotherapy must be controlled regularly throughout the entire treatment course. If some prescription drug was prescribed for a childhood obesity treatment, then physical and mental state of a child must be controlled every day.