Obesity expenses in the UK

Obesity in UKObesity is a serious medical and financial problem for the Department of Health (United Kingdom). In the UK, over 9 billion of GBP are spent on the fight against obesity every year.

This amount includes 54 million of GBP, paid to obese British people, who are not able to work because of their overweight issue. The truth is that about 10,000 British people, who lost their physical abilities to work, get their weekly obesity allowances, which may reach 140 GBP per week.

Over the last 5 years, the number of overweight Brits who get the allowances because of impaired metabolism has doubled and is still increasing. Herewith, some representatives from the National Obesity Forum are against these compensation payments to obese people, calling them “compensations for gluttony”.

As long as obesity is considered a medical problem, caused by impaired metabolism or genetic deviations in the UK, overweight Britons who lost their working capacities, will be still getting these obesity allowances. However, with the deficiency of funds allocated for struggle against obesity, the amount of allowances may decrease.

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