Obesity and malignant tumors

According to the latest data of the World Health Organization (WHO), over half of patients, who have malignant tumors, are overweight or obese. North America tops the list of countries, where obesity reached dramatic level, causing different disorders, including cancer tumors. Unfortunately, the greatest number of obese people, who visit oncologists during a year, are women.

Scientists found out that the body mass index that significantly exceeds normal is a number one factor that provokes malignant tumors in the body. The numbers say that almost 4% of cancer patients got sick because of overweight (nearly 500 thousand people). You may find the full information in The Lancet Oncology Journal, published by the WHO.

The connection between obesity and cancer has been revealed through analysis of data of cancer patients from over 180 countries of the world.

doc_ROverweight and obesity is diagnosed by calculating the BMI first. It is a simple procedure; all you need is to divide your body weight (kg) by your height (m²). If it equals 25 and more, you are overweight, if 30 and above – you are obese.

According to Dr. Christopher Wild, the director of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the number of patients, whose malignant tumors are caused by extra weight, will be increasing along with development of economics and improvement of living conditions. Therefore, those people who live in economically developed countries should take care of their body shape first of all. This might help them to avoid malignant tumors in future.

The researchers say that the number of patients, diagnosed cancer will be growing every year given the tendency of gaining extra weight these days. Because the connection between obesity and cancer is already obvious nowadays.

See for yourself: the number of adult people with overweight has doubled over the last 35 years. In 2012, doctors recorded about 112 thousand of cancer patients with obesity in North America, 65 thousand cases in Europe and nearly 50 thousand in China. As mentioned above, women are in the risk group of cancer caused by obesity. In fact, they suffer from cancer twice more often than men do.