Obese Turkish people cannot use elevators anymore

turkish_obeseAccording to Ministry of Health (Turkey), over 30% of the population of Turkey is overweight or suffers from obesity. Comparing to the last year, the number of obese people was 8% smaller. Therefore, in one Turkey region, local administration forbade people to use elevators in public institutions if they needed to get to 1-3 floors. This decision was made to fight against obesity.

In early 2015, the government of Turkish state Edirne banned visitors and employees of public institutions to use elevators from 1 to 3 floors. The governor says that this is made to take care of people health, especially those who suffer from overweight. «We are concerned about people’s health. From now on, all employees including heads of state departments should take the stairs to lift from 1st to 3rd floors. Except for the invalids and elderly people», – stated the governor.

One more exception – hospitals and elderly care homes do not fall under this restriction.

To control this situation, there will be appointed special controllers on the first three floors in each state institution, and they will allow to use elevators only those people who need it for health reasons. The state governor believes, they should apply these restrictions to nonpublic buildings as well. This is the way to improve people’s health and to reduce the electricity costs, according to his statement. Using stairs instead of elevator increases the life expectancy for sure.

This was not the first «health care idea» of Turkish governor. For instance in 2014, he demanded to reduce servings of sugar in tea from two pieces to one in all cafes and restaurants. Small steps at a time, and who knows maybe the obesity problem is getting smaller very soon.