Natural Phentermine

Thousands of obese people, who have contraindications to Phentermine, try to find a natural alternative to this anorexigenic drug. As a natural Phentermine substitute, over-the-counter dietary supplements containing OTC anorectic agents can be used.

One of the most popular natural Phentermine substitutes is caffeine. Just as Phentermine, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. Thus, caffeine affects the regions of the brain that regulate hunger and saturation.

The duration and power of caffeine’s anorectic effect is lower than that of Phentermine. However, unlike Phentermine that is contraindicated in many obese people, caffeine-containing drugs can be taken by almost all people suffering from obesity (including children and adolescents).

It should be noted that side effects of caffeine are similar to Phentermine side effects. Just as Phentermine, caffeine increases blood pressure and pulse rate (especially during physical loads).

coffee_citrusCaffeine causes short-term cardiovascular side effects. Thus, within 1-2 hours after using the therapeutic dose of caffeine, cardiovascular side effects disappear.

Besides caffeine, dietary supplements containing over-the-counter appetite suppressant – Synephrine can be used as a natural Phentermine substitute.

High concentration of natural synephrine anorectic is contained in lemon, mandarin, orange, pineapple and tangerine. When producing weight loss supplements, plant extracts, in which the concentration of natural synephrine anorectic is standardized to not less than 10%.

Most often, unripe fruits and ripe fruit peel of citrus aurantium (or bitter orange) are used as a natural source of synephrine. The advantage of citrus aurantium over other citrus fruits is that in addition to synephrine, it contains:

• Hesperidin – improves the condition of veins
• terpenoids – have anti-inflammatory effect
• Tannins – prevent the absorption of fats in the digestive tract

The most value for weight loss represents namely a bioactive substance synephrine. Unlike to Phentermine, which is a synthetic amphetamine-like ingredient, synephrine is a natural amphetamine-like substance, safe for the human body.

Just as natural Phentermine alternatives – caffeine and synephrine suppress and help to control appetite. The key difference between synephrine and caffeine is that synephrine activates fat metabolism and improves blood circulation in adipose tissue.

Thus, natural Phentermine alternative – synephrine stimulates the fat burning both during physical loads and during rest.

Many manufacturers of OTC weight loss supplements include in diet pills several natural Phentermine substitutes including caffeine and synephrine.

Combined diet pills containing several natural appetite suppressants provide more powerful and more prolonged anorectic effect. Thus, they help to lose weight much more rapidly than only one natural anorectic for fighting obesity does.

Given that synephrine and caffeine do not cause severe side effects, one can buy diet pills containing these natural Phentermine substitutes without a prescription.