Movement without pain

Regular physical loads are as important for weight loss as healthy diet and maintenance of normal metabolism. However, people predisposed to obesity face serious problem, which significantly restricts their physical activity.

This problem is that joints experience excessive load because of extra pounds. Herewith, intensive physical loads aggravate joint problems.

foot+painIf there is no discomfort in the joints before workouts in the gym, regular jogging or biking; after the start of workouts – nagging pain can force you to reduce the intensity of physical exercises or to refuse from them at all.

The lack of physical activity significantly reduces the efficiency of fighting excess weight. Therefore, trying to lose weight, do not forget that joints require additional protection when increasing physical loads.

Without reliable protection of joints, aching joint pain, which previously occurred only when walking or performing exercise, will occur at rest.

In this case, any physical loads should be stopped, but to restore the function of joint tissue – a long time is required.

So that the joints maintain their mobility, as well as are not destroyed by intensive exercise, joint and connective tissue should be nourished with the glucosamine and chondroitin.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are building components of cartilage tissue that inhibit the development of degenerative processes in the joints and restore their function.

Therefore planning physical activities that stimulate rapid fat burning, be sure not to forget about the health of joints. After all, weight loss should be not only rapid, but also safe.

Otherwise, after solving the problem of excess weight, solution of the problem with aching and inflamed joints will be required.