Morilyte Review

Morilyte is a trade name of edible natural clay used for the production of antidiarrheal medicines. Morilyte can be used for the prevention of chronic and acute diarrhea in patients with gastrointestinal diseases, including patients suffering from obesity.

After oral administration of Morilyte edible natural clay, a barrier on the gastric mucosal is formed, which protects the stomach lining from the influence of diarrhoea-causing substances (bacteria, toxins, viruses). Morilyte edible natural clay is not absorbed in the stomach, as well as it does not cause any dangerous side effects and therefore it is sold without a prescription.

Morilyte edible natural clay was developed by InQpharm company. Antidiarrheal medicine containing Morilyte is sold in the European countries under the trade name Dimexanol. One of the European distributors of Dimexanol (Morilyte) tablets is a company called Omega Pharma.

Dimexanol dosage
Dimexanol antidiarrheal tablets can be used in children from 5 years and older. Children under 5 years old can take antidiarrheal medicine only after consulting a pediatrician. The daily dose of Dimexanol depends on the severity of diarrhea, rather than the person’s age.

  • For the treatment and prevention of severe diarrhea, it is recommended to take a Dimexanol tablet three times a day.
  • If diarrhea is mild to moderate, the frequency of using Dimexanol antidiarrheal tablets can be reduced up to 1-2 times a day.

If you want to use Dimexanol (Morilyte) for the treatment of acute or chronic diarrhea, you can buy this antidiarrheal medicine on online pharmacy. Before buying Dimexanol (Morilyte) online, make sure that these antidiarrheal tablets can be delivered to your city.


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