Metabolife 356

Metabolife 356 is a multi-component weight loss supplement that was sold in the USA over 10 years ago. Metabolife 356 included more than 20 active ingredients, including alkaloid ephedrine.

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, Metabolife 356 with ephedrine was one of the most popular OTC diet pills in the USA. The popularity of Metabolife 356 was confirmed by the fact that annual sales of this weight loss supplement reached $900 million.

In 2004, the FDA published information that weight loss products containing ephedrine can cause severe cardiovascular side effects. Therefore, the production and sale of Metabolife 356 were banned in the USA and the U.S. physicians stopped to recommend their patients to use Metabolife 356 for weight loss.

After the production cessation and recall of Metabolife 356 from the US market, Metabolife 356 pills were sold in Canada for several months. However, after the stocks of Metabolife 356 pills were exhausted, their export from the USA into Canada was stopped and today Metabolife 356 is unavailable in North American countries.

The manufacturer and exclusive supplier of Metabolife 356 in the USA and Canada was Metabolife International company. In the mid 2000’s, the management of Metabolife company was accused of that he knew about the potential risks of Metabolife 356 ephedrine-containing diet pills, but concealed this information from the FDA and consumers.

It is noteworthy that in the USA, the sale of ephedrine-containing dietary supplements is banned, while in Canada, dietary supplements containing ephedrine are still sold. In 2015, the sale of over 110 dietary supplements that just as Metabolife 356 contain natural active ingredient ephedrine is permitted in Canada.

The manufacture and commercialization of Metabolife 356 pills were the key business of Metabolife International company. Therefore, after the ban to sell Metabolife 356 in the USA, Metabolife International went bankrupt and its assets were purchased by IdeaSphere.

Today, IdeaSphere is a part of large US manufacturer of over-the-counter dietary supplements – Twinlab Corporation. In 2015, Twinlab manufactures a few weight loss products that are sold in the USA under the brand Metabolife and similar brand Metabolift.