Metabol Review

Spanish pharmaceutical company Simildiet Laboratorios produces weight loss capsules Metabol. Metabol capsules contain a few active ingredients that contribute to weight loss without causing side effects.

  • L-carnitine – promotes the transformation of excess fat into energy
  • Green Tea Extract – increases the metabolic rate and stimulates fat burning
  • Green Coffee Extract – enhances the metabolism and reduces blood sugar level
  • Cocoa Extract – increases the thermogenesis and has a short-term anorectic effect
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract – improves the metabolism and speeds up fat burn
  • Chromium Picolinate – reduces blood cholesterol level
  • Conjugated linoleic acid – prevents the increase of body weight

Weight loss capsules Metabol should be taken in combination with hypocaloric (low-fat) diet and daily physical loads. The optimal daily dose of Metabol is two capsules.

  • A Metabol capsule in the morning
  • A Metabol capsule in the afternoon

FichaMetabolIt is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of natural weight loss product Metabol guided by the information from open sources. After all, besides the fact that on thematic forums people do not discuss Metabol capsules, the manufacturer does not provide the information about the dosage of active ingredients in this natural weight loss product.

If you have never taken Metabol capsules and you are in doubt about their efficiency, it is better to refrain from their buying and to use other weight loss products to fight obesity. If you are already taking Metabol capsules but they are very expensive at city drugstores, you have the possibility to order the shipping of Metabol online from any country of the world.

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