Mediator in France

Mediator (Benfluorex) is one of the most popular anorexigenic drugs in France. Mediator drug has become widely known after its ability to cause very dangerous side effects was proved.

The results of post-marketing studies have demonstrated that Mediator may cause deformation of the heart valves and a rare incurable disease – arterial pulmonary hypertension.

The tragedy of the situation is that the company owners manufacturing Mediator knew that this drug may cause dangerous diseases, but concealed this information from potential customers.

The supplier of Mediator diet pills at French market was the second largest French pharmaceutical company – Servier. The head of this company was accused that he untimely withdrew Mediator from the French market, thus allowing up to 1800 consumers’ deaths of these diet pills.

According to experts, Servier company had to stop the production and sale of Mediator pills in France in the period from 1997 to 1999. During this period, Mediator drug was withdrawn from the pharmaceutical markets in Spain, Italy and Switzerland because of safety problems.

In addition, during this period, other potentially dangerous anorexigenic drugs, such as Isomeride (Dexfenfluramine) and Ponderal (Fenfluramine) were withdrawn from the European market.

Thus, after 1999 Mediator (Benfluorex) remained one of the few potentially dangerous anorexigenic drugs French doctors continued to prescribe for their patients.

Mediator diet pills were sold in France between 1976 and 2009. For over 30 years, this drug for weight loss was taken by about 5 million obese Frenchmen. Among them, 13 Frenchmen, who experienced serious cardiovascular side effects because of Mediator use, are still suing Servier company and require a large monetary compensation.

Court proceedings between Mediator consumers and the manufacturer of these diet pills have not yet been completed. So, despite the fact that Mediator pills are not sold more than 6 years, the history of Mediator (Benfluorex) continues.

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