Does McDonald’s recommend to refrain from fast food?

McDonald_s-burgerIn late 2013, McDonald’s published on their official website many tips and recommendations for staff. Interesting, but in one article managers of the largest fast food restaurant chains highly recommend their personnel to limit the consumption of French fries and burgers.

Among the posts published on McDonald’s official website there is one that says that the consumption of low-cost and high-calorie food from fast food restaurants may actually cause obesity.

To compare with, this post draws your attention to the fact that salads and sandwiches that are cooked in Subway fast food restaurant are much healthier than those from McDonald’s menu are.

The author of this article admits though, that people suffering from diabetes, hypertension or any cardiovascular disorders must be very careful with fast food. However, this post says no word on how people with low income can replace cheap fast food with a healthier, yet more expensive food.

It must be said that the U.S. fast food employees belong to one of the lowest-wage category of workers in the USA. So, we can only guess how McDonald’s executives can even ask their staff to eat healthier foods, and at the same time pay them a little more than $7 per hour.

Having published this post on harm of fast food on people’s health, McDonald’s executives tried to join the fight against obesity. Nice try, but they have to do more than just post these articles on their website.

If McDonald’s executives and managers do actually want to stop obesity epidemic from spreading, they must offer their potential consumers some healthy food at affordable price.

Until the majority of foods from McDonald’s menu contain large amounts of fat, sugar and calories, loyal clients of fast food restaurants will be at high risk of obesity.

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