Mazanor Review

Mazanor is a trade name of oral anti-obesity drug containing active pharmaceutical substance Mazindol. Pharmaceutical company Wyeth is a right holder of trade name Mazanor.

Mazanor (Mazindol) has gained the greatest popularity in the USA. The FDA approved Mazanor for obesity treatment on August 28, 1980. Diet pills Mazanor 1mg and Mazanor 2mg were available for sale at the U.S. pharmaceutical market. Today Mazanor diet pills are not sold in the USA.

On some online pharmacies, one can order Mazanor shipping online. However, there is no information about Mazanor on the official website of company Wyeth (Wyeth is a part of Pfizer company) and most likely the production of these diet pills were discontinued.

Therefore, as an alternative to Mazanor, it is better to use Mazanor generic drugs that are available for sale under trademarks Dimagrir, Afilan, Diestet, Diminex and Solucaps. If you want to buy Mazanor but this anti-obesity drug is not sold at the pharmacy networks, ask your doctor for a generic version of the diet pills containing Mazindol that are sold in the region you live.