Marathon vs childhood obesity

Yoga-kidsRace Across USA – that’s the name of new marathon, which not only aims at setting sports records, but also collecting some charity funds to fight against childhood obesity. According the marathon requirements, the participants should run the distance between California and Maryland during four months. The marathon organizers intend to raise money for Fund to Fight Childhood Obesity. This decision was made because the number of American children suffering from obesity has doubled during the last few years. So, the marathon organizers want to draw public attention to this problem.

Twelve athletes, 9 men and 3 women aged 29 to 74 years agreed to take part in this charity marathon. The most interesting part of it is that two of them will run barefoot, another two – in sandals and two more in kilts. For the last 240 days, one British runner has ran 260 marathons already.

Moreover, about 10 marathoners will be object of scientific study. Experts will be checking how much calories the marathoners will burn during the run and record any changes in their body, such as heart rate, the sleep quality, the gastrointestinal tract, as well as their mental health. The main measurements will be the ratio between their fat and muscle mass. The head of this research promised to run together with marathoners about 5 thousand kilometers from California to Maryland.