Litramine Review

Litramine is a natural weight loss product preventing the absorption of vegetable and animal fats in the gastrointestinal tract. Litramine is made of insoluble fibers of Opuntia ficus-indica (Barbary fig) plant and soluble fibers of Acacia.

Opuntia ficus-indica and Acacia fibers are melted into a granulated powder Litramine, which can bind fats and help excreting them out of the body.

  • How does Litramine help to lose weight?

Insoluble fibers found in Litramine powder “bind” dietary fats, while soluble fibers create a gel-like substance, which prevents fat absorption and contributes to their excretion in unchanged form. Moreover, the soluble fibers increase the satiety and help reducing the volume and caloricity of your daily diet.

Because the digestion of fat slows down and the amount of consumed food decreases after the use of Litramine, the body digests less kcal, hence the weight loss occurs.

When Litramine natural fat absorption inhibitor is used in combination with physical exercises and hypocaloric diet, the weight loss rate increases.

InQpharm is the developer of natural “fat blocker”. Litramine is marketed in form of oral diet pills. The most popular trade names of diet pills containing fat absorption inhibitor Litramine are Liposinol, XL-S Medical Liposinol and Liposinol-Biomed.

  • Are there any analogues to Litramine diet pills?

Litramine is not the only one fat absorption inhibitor, available at retail. Overweight people can use Xenical “fat blocker” to fight obesity.

The main differences between Litramine and Xenical:

  • Litramine pills contain natural soluble and insoluble fibers (in form of granulated powder).
  • Xenical pills contain a synthetic pharmacological agent Orlistat.

Both Litramine and Xenical prevent the fat absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Xenical is much more effective than Litramine pills and helps to reduce the body weight much faster. However, due to contraindications and side effects, not every person can use Xenical to fight against obesity.

If you want to use Litramine (Litramine) or Xenical to struggle with obesity, you can buy these “fat blockers” on online pharmacy. Prior the purchase of Litramine or Xenical diet pills online, make sure they can be delivered to your country.


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