Is Meridia better than Phentermine?

Meridia diet pills came into the market at the end of 90s of last century. More than 15 years ago, many experts believed that Meridia is much safer than Phentermine-containing drugs and Phentermine era comes to the end.

For hundreds of thousands of patients, Meridia drug was really better than Phentermine. However, statements that Meridia is safer than Phentermine proved premature.

meridiaThirteen years after the start of Meridia retail sales, researchers paid attention to the fact that long-term cardiovascular side effects develop in obese people using Meridia.

Compared to Phentermine side effects, cardiovascular side effects of Meridia posed a more serious danger to human health. Therefore, despite the fact that serious cardiovascular pathologies were diagnosed only in a few people used Meridia, this drug was recognized unsafe and its sale was terminated.

During the whole period of retail sales of Meridia, this drug was better choice for obese people who had contraindications to Phentermine and other amphetamine-like appetite suppressants.

After Meridia withdrawal from the US market, only amphetamine-like weight loss products for appetite control were sold at the U.S. pharmacies. Therefore, after the cessation of Meridia sales, access to medical appetite suppressant therapy was limited to tens of thousands of obese Americans.

Between 2010 and 2012, only amphetamines were used to control appetite in the USA. In June 2012, the FDA approved a new weight loss drug – Lorcaserin, which is not an amphetamine-like.

Thus, obese Americans who had contraindications to Phentermine again have the opportunity to conduct an intensive obesity therapy not only by means of a healthy diet and physical exercises, but also by means of appetite suppressant.

Just as 15 years ago, today the opinion is expressed that Lorcaserin is better than Phentermine and less often causes side effects. However, Phentermine always has a distinct advantage is that it is used for the obesity treatment for more than 50 years.

Therefore, all potential risks of Phentermine are well studied, the body’s reaction to the change of Phentermine dose is predictable, but the health benefits of an obese person is undeniable.