Important Information About Mazindol

Mazindol is an anorexic drug, prescribed to treat obesity in adult patients with BMI ≥ 30. In some countries of the world (such as Argentina), Mazindol is prescribed to treat obesity in pediatric patients over 12 years.

Remember that Mazindol use allows achieving a rapid weight loss only if this anorexic drug is used as an adjunct to diet and daily physical exercise.

Mazindol pharmacological properties

  • Mazindol has the property to suppress appetite by affecting the CNS. Mazindol is rapidly absorbed into the blood circulation, suppressing appetite within 1 hour after oral administration.
  • Approximately 10 hours after oral administration of Mazindol, its concentration in the blood decreases by 50% and anorectic effect significantly weakens.
  • Within 48 hours after using a single dose of Mazindol, this anatectic drug is almost completely excreted from the body.


Mazindol warningsA few weeks after the start of Mazindol use, tolerance to anorectic effect of this drug develops in some patients. If this has happened, one should discuss with the doctor the possibility to replace Mazindol by alternative diet pills.

In the cases when the patient independently exceeds maximum daily dose of Mazindol in order to increase anorectic effect, the risk of drug dependence and (or) severe mental disorder increases by 10 times.

Results of clinical studies demonstrated that if Mazindol diet pills stimulate rapid weight loss, cardiovascular complications might occur in a patient. Therefore, obese patients predisposed to cardiovascular diseases should take Mazindol pills only under the doctor’s control only.

Mazindol may cause psychomotor retardation, so patients that engaged in potentially dangerous activities (operating with machinery, driving a car), should take Mazindol with extreme caution.

Mazindol and obesity treatment, associated with other diseases

  • Epileptic patients are recommended to take Mazindol in minimum daily doses.
  • Patients with diagnosed hypertension should control blood pressure during the use of Mazindol pills.
  • Diabetic patients taking Mazindol pills may need the adjustment of daily doses of hypoglycemic drugs or insulin.

Do not use Mazindol diet pills simultaneously with:

  • Drugs for asthma, allergy, colds and sinusitis
  • Other anorexic drugs stimulating the CNS