How it works: Adipex

One of the most frequently asked questions about Adipex is – How this drug works? In order to understand how Adipex works, you need to know the mechanism of action of Phentermine Hydrochloride (its active ingredient).

Phentermine HCl is an active substance, which pharmaceutical property is to stimulate the central nervous system. Chemical structure of Phentermine HCl is similar to the chemical structure of amphetamines.

Just as many other amphetamines, Phentermine HCl acts in hypothalamus, thereby reducing the appetite and preventing hunger pangs. It is assumed that anorexigenic effect is achieved not only by means of Phentermine HCl effect on hypothalamus, but also by the effect of Phentermine HCl on the activity of noradrenergic and dopaminergic centers of the CNS.

Appetite suppression is not the only effect Phentermine HCl provides. In fact, Phentermine HCl can increase the body temperature and thermogenesis intensity as any other amphetamines can. Therefore, weight loss occurs due to anorexigenic, as well as metabolic effects of Phentermine HCl

In addition to anorexigenic and metabolic effects, Adipex may cause cardiovascular effects. Acting on the CNS functions, anorexigenic agent Phentermine HCl increases the blood pressure and may cause hypertension.

• Adipex (Phentermine HCl) starts «working» within an hour after oral intake.
• Maximal anorexic and metabolic effects are reached within 3-4 hours after using a regular dose of Adipex (Phentermine HCl).

controlling-your-appetiteTime of «work» of Adipex (Phentermine HCl) depends on the dose used and a patient’s body weight. The higher the dose of Adipex (Phentermine HCl) and the smaller the patient’s body weight, the longer this drug helps to control the appetite.

To Adipex «works» better and helps to lose weight quickly, regular physical loads and a healthy diet are required. Adipex «works» even in low physical activity and imbalanced diet.

However, it should be understood that without physical exercises and diets, it is impossible to achieve maximum weight loss rate. Therefore, those people who want to lose weight quickly within a few weeks or months should combine the anti-obesity drug therapy with non-drug weight loss methods.

Before starting the drug therapy of obesity, patient should be aware of that Adipex stops «working» in just 2-3 months of use.

In a regular use of Adipex 37.5mg tablets during several months, its anorexigenic and metabolic effects are reduced and the body weight stops declining.

Adipex stops «working» even if patients have used only minimal doses of this drug for anti-obesity treatment. Thus, regardless of the dose regimen of Adipex, the duration of anti-obesity drug therapy must not last more than 12 weeks.