Happy marriage leads to obesity

happyOne of the Southern Methodist University employees – Andrea Meltzer believes that a successful marriage reduces the motivation of both spouses to maintain an attractive appearance.

Due to the fact that loving spouses do not need to attract the attention of the opposite sex, they cease to watch their figure, irregularly visit the gym, periodically overeat and their weight starts to increase.

By analyzing statistical data, the researchers concluded that a successful marriage is a way not only to a happy future, but also to obesity. According to statistics, those who are not satisfied with the marriage do not gain the body weight as fast as people who believe their marriage successful one.

If a happy marriage can cause obesity in both spouses, the break in relations promotes emotional distress, stress, loss of appetite and weight loss.

It is difficult to make an unequivocal conclusion about the impact of family relations on body weight. However, always remember that obesity promotes the development of other diseases. Therefore, regardless of dynamics of family relationships, both spouses need to watch their health.