Grapes and red wine help to lose weight

Grapes and red wineThe U.S. scientists have proven that grapes and red wine might help to lose extra weight. During the experiment scientists discovered that grapes contain some chemicals that improve the metabolism and slow down the growth of fat cells.

Grapes, grape juice and wine help people to lose extra kilograms and improve their health, according to the statement published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. Scientists from The University of Oregon conducted a research to see how chemicals found in grapes act on human fat cells and liver. They have determined that ellagic acid slowed down the enlargement of adipose cells and prevented the formation of new ones, not to mention it accelerated the metabolism.

This experiment was conducted on mice. These little animals had a fatty diet (60% of fat in their diet) and consumed grapes extract with food (corresponding to 1-1.5 tea cup for humans). After ten days of such diet, scientists checked the amount of adipose cells in the bodies of these animals. They noticed that mice, who had consumed grapes extract, have had much smaller amount of fat cells in liver and a lower blood sugar, than their mates who did not have grapes extract in their menu.

The researchers believe that elements found in grapes can improve many functions in the body of obese people. However, we should not consider these elements as magic panacea for weight loss whatsoever.

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