“Golden slimming”

In Dubai, an original competition was conducted in 2013. Participants of this competition were offered to lose weight quickly and then to exchange each “lost kg” for pure gold. In the competition, about 10000 people took part, but just over 3000 of them reached the final.

• Those, who managed to reduce their weight by 1-5 kgs within 6 months, received 1 g of gold per each lost kg.
• Participants, who managed to lose their weight by more than five kgs, received 2 g of gold per each lost kg.
• Those participants, who managed to reduce their weight by more than 10 kgs, received 3 g of pure gold per each lost kg.

scaleThe competition organizers were pleasantly surprised that 29 participants managed to lose more than 15 kg, and five people lost more than 20 kg.

The winner of competition became 27-years old inhabitant of Dubai. He admitted that he had to go in for sports 2 times a day and daily to walk up to the 16th floor to reduce weight by 26 kgs in just 6 weeks.

Finalist and winner of the competition received 68 grams of gold, the value of which is equivalent to approximately $ 2700. However, this amount cannot be compared to the health benefit, which regular exercise and weight loss provide.

Dubai authorities promised that slimming competition will be annual event and assured potential participants that in the following years something more precious than gold will be as a prize.