Generic versions of Duromine

Feature of Australian market of Rx weight loss products is that only Duromine drug dominates in it. iNova Pharmaceuticals set relatively low price for this drug. Therefore, the manufacturers of Duromine generic versions cannot successfully compete with the Australian manufacturer and supplier of Duromine.

Due to the low price of Duromine, iNova is a natural monopolist at the market of Phentermine-containing drugs not only in Australia, but also in many other countries including New Zealand. Low price of Duromine in Australia and NZ is due to the desire of iNova to control the market of weight loss products in these countries.

iNova PharmaceuticalsIt is also important the fact that the final dose form of Duromine is manufactured exactly in these countries. Therefore, in NZ and Australia, iNova company has an indisputable competitive advantage over potential importers of Duromine generic drugs.

Companies that will decide to start the supplies of Duromine generic in Australia need to pay import duties and import VAT. Even if a pharmaceutical company decides to begin the production of Duromine generic versions in Australia, it will need to invest in the development, research, promotion and marketing of its drug at Australian market.

Duromine trade name has become extremely popular in Australia. Even if Duromine generic will be manufactured in Australia and its price will be lower than that of Duromine pills by iNova, it will take its manufacturer years successfully to compete with iNova.

iNova has developed and registered already three Duromine generic versions to the largest manufacturers of generic drugs do not have the desire to start the supplies of Duromine generic in Australia.

Color and shape of Duromine pills by iNova are the same as that of original Duromine diet pills. The only difference between them is trade name and marking on the diet pills. Today (in 2015), Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods includes four Phentermine-containing drugs by iNova company, such as:

• Duromine (marking: Duromine 15, Duromine 30, Duromine 40)
• Metermine (marking: Duromine 15, Duromine 30, Duromine 40)
• Phentermine Resin–iNova (marking: iNova 15, iNova 30, iNova 40)
• Phentermine Resin–Valeant (marking: Valeant 15, Valeant 30, Valeant 40)

It is noteworthy that iNova has not yet started the supplies of Duromine and Duromine generic versions in the USA. In 2015, the US suppliers of Phentermine-containing drugs are more than 15 companies.

Duromine diet pills have been already sold for several decades, so they have given a good account of themselves in many countries around the world. Therefore, it is not excluded that obese Americans will be provided with the opportunity to buy Duromine or Duromine generic by iNova Pharmaceuticals in the coming years.