Slim Fizz

Slim Fizz is effervescent tablets for weight loss that have become popular in the UK since July 2015. The first reviews about Slim Fizz were published in the British tabloid Daily Mail. Due to the publication of Slim Fizz review in the very popular tabloid, thousands of obese men and women learned about new Slim Fizz diet pills in just a few days.

The readers of Daily Mail online-version have left more than 150 comments to Slim Fizz review and actively distributed information about these diet pills in the popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter as well).

Agiotage around the new weight loss product – Slim Fizz was caused by the fact that the author of the review claims that Slim Fizz provides incredibly rapid weight loss. In the Slim Fizz review published in Daily Mail, one can familiarize with a “success story”, as well as pictures of women “before” and “after” Slim Fizz use.

The author of the review claims that Slim Fizz tablets helped to reduce weight by 5lb in just 10 days. Pictures “before” and “after” using Slim Fizz (after weight loss program) demonstrate that the author of the Slim Fizz review really managed to lose weight significantly.

The manufacturer of Slim Fizz claims that this weight loss product helps to “lose” up to 15lb in just 3 months. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Slim Fizz cannot guarantee that body weight will not increase again after the end of weight loss program.

How does Slim Fizz work?

slim-fizzSlim Fizz effervescent tablets include active substance Glucomannan (alternative name: konjac mannan). Glucomannan is a natural soluble fibre, which well absorbs moisture.

Under the influence of moisture, the amount of glucomannan fibers increases and they are transformed into high-viscosity jelly-like mass. Glucomannan is gradually transformed into jelly within a few minutes after contact with water.

Due to the ability of glucomannan to swell, to increase in volume and to expand in the stomach, it stimulates the feeling of satiety after the oral use.

The uniqueness of Slim Fizz tablets is in that they should be dissolved in water before using. The use of dissolved Slim Fizz tablets eliminates the probability that glucomannan dietary fibers will swell in the esophagus and cause suffocation.

Unlike other glucomannan-containing weight loss products, Slim Fizz works directly in the stomach and does not create potential risks to normal breathing.

The manufacturer of Slim Fizz states that this slimming product does not cause side effects. However, comments about the fact that discomfort in the stomach can occur after Slim Fizz use, can be found in the customers’ reviews.

The new Slim Fizz weight loss tablets are manufactured by the British company, On-Group Ltd. The key brand of this company is proto-col. Under the brand proto-col, different weight loss products such as Slim Fizz, Thermo-Lite, Carb-Lite, L-carnitine, Pure Arginine are promoted.

For several weeks, Slim Fizz effervescent slimming tablets were sold on Amazon. Potential buyers of weight loss products had the possibility to buy Slim Fizz online in the UK, U.S., Canada and other worldwide countries.

Obese Britons had the opportunity to choose “next day delivery” of Slim Fizz. However, less than a month after the start of retail sales, the access to Slim Fizz purchase on Amazon was limited.

The manufacturer of Slim Fizz asserts that due to high demand, the entire stock of Slim Fizz was quickly sold out. Herewith, On-Group Ltd continues to take orders for Slim Fizz tablets, but does not clarify delivery terms of this weight loss product.

It should be noted that Slim Fizz is not the only over the counter slimming product containing soluble dietary fibres – glucomannan.

At Canadian pharmacies, glucomannan-containing weight loss products are sold under the brands Fibre & Weight Balance, Slimit, Beslim Slimphin and many others. In the country you live, glucomannan tablets and capsules can be sold under other trade names.

If you decide to buy glucomannan or other weight loss product online, read the terms of payment and delivery before making the order.

Diet pills similar to Acomplia

When some innovative drugs appear on market of prescription weight loss products, absolutely all pharmaceutical company begin studying the molecular formula of these drugs.

Competing pharmaceutical companies study the chemical structure and composition of new diet drugs to create diet pills with similar mechanism of action.

New diet pills are protected by patent within 10-15 years after approval and the beginning of retail sales. Therefore, other diet pills with similar mechanism of action can be approved before the patent expires only if they contain other active ingredient.

acomplia-rimonabantFor instance, in the middle of 2000’s, the new Rimonabant diet pills were approved in Europe. In 2006, these diet pills went on sale under the brand Acomplia. Sanofi-Aventis was the developer and global distributor of Acomplia (Rimonabant) pills.

This pharmaceutical company managed to create the diet pills that did not just suppress the appetite, but also reduced the fatty food cravings. In 2006, many specialists claimed that Sanofi-Aventis did a revolution on the global market of weight loss drugs.

The mechanism of action of Acomplia (Rimonabant) differed from that of any other weight loss drugs, available on the pharmaceutical market in 2006. This fact did not go unnoticed for global pharmaceutical giants.

Thus, some of them (including Pfizer and Merck) announced that they were planning to develop some new diet pills with mechanism of action similar to mechanism of action of Acomplia.

In 2007, Sanofi-Aventis did not get the approval for Rimonabant-containing pills (Zimulti) in the USA, and in 2008, the retail sales of Rimonabant pills were stopped in over 50 countries of the world.

After Acomplia diet pills had been withdrawn from European market because of serious mental side effects, Merck and Pfizer refused to develop new diet drugs similar to Acomplia.

In 2016, several new diet pills including Qsymia, Contrave and Belviq are available in the USA. Clinical studies demonstrate that the benefits of new diet pills outweigh the potential risks for health.

However, it is quite possible that after the estimation of post-marketing studies, one or maybe two new diet pills will be withdrawn from the US market. In addition, in 2008 (only 2 years after the start of retail sales) Acomplia diet pills were withdrawn from the markets in Europe and UK.


Xenical has become the first prescription weight loss product, which was sold legally on the Internet. Online sales of Xenical were launched in the USA and dozens of other countries in 1999.

In 1999, a prescription for buying Xenical online was not required. Potential buyers of Xenical were offered just fill in online form and pay Xenical cost by means of credit card.

The manufacturer and online retailers of Xenical claimed that this drug works in the stomach, is not absorbed into the blood and thereby is absolutely safe for the health of obese patients. However, many obesity experts claimed that Xenical pills should not be sold without a prescription.

xenicalSuch statements were reasoned by the fact that patients could buy Xenical online without a prescription and not to inform the doctor, who gave them a prescription for Phentermine. The interaction of Xenical and Phentermine has not been studied, so the potential risks of such drug cocktail were unknown.

Concerns of doctors were caused by that just a few years before the launch of Xenical sales, a resonant story associated with the combined use of Fenfluramine and Phentermine (Fen-Phen) happened in the USA. One of the components of this combination – Fenfluramine caused very serious side effects.

Many US physicians were concerned that just as Fen-Phen; the combination of Xenical and Phentermine (Xen-Phen) could lead to unpredictable negative consequences for the health of obese patients.

However, more than 15 years after the online sales of Xenical it can be argued that such fears proved to be groundless. Indeed, between 1999 and 2016 none of serious cases of negative impact of Xen-Phen on the health of obese Americans has been registered.

Saxenda for weight loss

After Saxenda was approved for weight loss, its popularity began to grow rapidly all over the USA. Saxenda is so popular mostly because this is the only drugs, which is used in the USA for injectable weight loss therapy. All the rest FDA-approved drugs, available on the U.S. market in 2015, are used for oral weight loss therapy.

Saxenda injections are used for weight loss for several months only. Therefore, you can hardly find any positive or negative feedbacks about Saxenda yet. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss only when used for a long time, within 1-2 years. Thus, the first real feedbacks about Saxenda will appear no sooner than in the beginning of 2016.

It should be noted that Saxenda price without insurance is ten times higher than the prices of other weight loss drugs. Hence, Saxenda weight loss drug will be unavailable for patients without healthcare insurance.

Those people, who want to achieve a significant result using Saxenda, must be ready to take this drug for several years.

• When using only Saxenda for weight loss, the cost of one year weight loss therapy will exceed $10 000 US.
• Insured Americans will have to spend a little more than $350 US per year for Saxenda drug.

Such high price of Saxenda without insurance makes the purchase of this weight loss drug impossible. Therefore, an overwhelming majority of obese Americans will be prescribed cheap anorectic drugs, which prices are much lower than of Saxenda.

Unlike the USA, where anorectic drugs are actively used for weight loss, in EU countries the sale of anorectic drugs (including Phentermine) is prohibited.

The appearance of new Saxenda drug provides new opportunity for overweight European people to lose weight. So it is possible that many Europeans with diagnosed overweight or obesity will want to get a healthcare insurance only to be able to use an innovative Saxenda drug for weight loss.

Today, you can buy Saxenda only in the USA. Saxenda drug is approved for weight loss in EU and UK. Hence, it is possible that in the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016, people can buy Saxenda in the UK and 28 EU Member States.

Saxenda injections are not available online yet. Therefore, it is almost impossible to buy Saxenda online right now. If you decide to buy Saxenda online and Saxenda price on online pharmacy is lower than Saxenda price set by the manufacturer, then you can be certain that such Saxenda purchase offer is a fraud.

Novo Nordisk is an exclusive distributor of Saxenda in 2015-2016. You may find current information on suppliers of Saxenda and other weight loss products in the next reviews.

Regimex Review

Regimex is an anorectic drug approved by the FDA as an obesity treatment in September 2010. In 2015, plastic bottles containing 100 round, pink Regimex diet pills are supplied at the US market.

Each Regimex diet pill contains 25mg or 50mg of anorectic agent – Benzphetamine (as Hydrochloride). The same doses of Benzphetamine are contained in Didrex diet pills that were sold in the USA for several decades.

Regimex is a generic version of Didrex. Correspondingly, just as Didrex, Regimex is sold at the US pharmacies by prescription.

• The manufacturer of Regimex medication is WraSer Pharmaceuticals.
• The owner of marketing authorization for Regimex in the USA is Mikart Pharma.

In late 2012, WraSer Pharma planned to launch retail sale of Regimex in the USA. However, American consumers of weight loss products had the opportunity to buy Regimex only in early 2013.

Regimex is used for weight loss in patients with BMI of 30 and higher. Regimex side effects are the same as that of other amphetamine-like anorectics, including Adipex (Phentermine).

There are no significant differences between Regimex (Benzphetamine) and Adipex (Phentermine). Both these weight loss drugs reduce hunger and help to control appetite.

REGIMEXThe only significant difference between Regimex and Adipex is the price. Adipex is one of the most expensive diet pills available at the US market. Thus, when choosing diet pills, obese Americans compare the price of Adipex and Regimex and then pay attention to the effectiveness and safety of these anorectics.

Before comparing Regimex price with the price of other anorectic medications, discuss with your doctor the optimal dose of Regimex and dose of other anorectics.

For example, the doctor may recommend taking Regimex 25mg pills three times per day or instead of Regimex may prescribe Adipex 37.5mg pills that are taken just once daily.

In this case, when comparing the price of anorectics, it is necessary to compare the price of an Adipex 37.5mg pill with the price of three Regimex 25mg pills.

Many US pharmacies provide the opportunity to buy Regimex (Benzphetamine) at a discount. To buy Regimex at discount price, it is necessary to get a coupon from the attending physician or print the coupon for Regimex on the Internet.

The manufacturer of Regimex claims that when buying these diet pills at a discount, the price of a Regimex 25mg package is no more than $15 US. If you want to buy Regimex without a prescription, you can find Benzphetamine-containing drugs on online pharmacies. Just as the US retailers, online pharmacies offer to buy Regimex at a discount (with or without the coupon).

Razin Review

Razin_arizaRazin is a trade name of diet pills available on Israeli market of weight loss products. The original name of Razin pills in Hebrew – רזין. In the production of Razin diet drug, Phentermine anorexigenic agent is used.

At Israeli pharmacies, people can buy Razin diet pills containing 15mg of active ingredient – Phentermine (in form of resinat). Other dosage strengths of Razin (Phentermine) are not produced and not sold.

Razin diet pills were included to Israel Drug Registry in June 1992. In August 2012, the marketing authorization for Razin (Phentermine) was extended until August 2022.

CTS Chemical Industries (part of CTS Group) is the manufacturers and distributor of Razin (Phentermine). This pharmaceutical company is the only Israeli supplier of Phentermine-containing pills in 2015.

• CTS supplies packages containing 30 diet pills of Razin 15mg (3 blisters x 10 Razin pills) to Israeli market.
• The color of original Razin (Phentermine) pills – orange-purple. The expiration date of Razin 15mg pills – 3 years.

In 2012, CTS published a leaflet for Razin (PDF), which said that these Phentermine-containing pills could be prescribed to adolescents over 12 years old for anti-obesity treatment.

In Israel, Razin (Phentermine) pills are approved for anti-obesity mono-therapy in patients over 16 years old. Therefore, we may assume that Razin (Phentermine) leaflet, published by CTS, has been focused on Israeli exporters of Phentermine.

In some other countries, Phentermine is actually used for a teenage obesity treatment in children over 12 years old. For instance, in the UK – Phentermine pills for teenage obesity treatment are sold under the brand name Ionamin, while in Australia – under the brand name Duromine.

Another distinctive feature of Razin (Phentermine) pills is that they were approved in Israel for the treatment of morbid obesity in patients with BMI 30 and higher.

Australia is one of a few countries, where Phentermine can be prescribed for overweight men and women with BMI over 25. In the UK, USA and many other countries, Phentermine pills can be prescribed for weight loss in pre-obese patients, whose BMI is 27 and higher.

In Israel, as well as in other countries, Phentermine (Razin) is approved for a short-term weight loss therapy, lasting for 12 weeks. The recommended dose of Razin – one diet pill per day.

One diet pill of Razin 15mg equals to one diet pill of Duromine 15mg (or Ionamin 15mg). If you want to buy Phentermine 15mg pills, but you do not know under what brands they are available in your town, then you can find information on different Phentermine-containing drugs in our reviews.

For more information on Razin, visit your physician, pharmacist, or check out other blogs dedicated to Phentermine-based diet drugs and online forums, where people discuss the obesity problem.

Phentermine in the UK

Phentermine has been available in the United Kingdom for over 30 years now. In 2001, the European Medicines Agency recommended to withdraw Phentermine from the UK market. However, this recommendation was fulfilled partially, and thus overweight British people still have a chance to buy Phentermine these days.

ukIn 2015, people can get Phentermine in the UK legally only in private slimming centers and clinics. NHS GPs do not prescribe Phentermine since in 2001-2002, a strict law was introduced, requiring to withdraw this slimming drug from the UK market .

Given the fact that Phentermine was not approved by NHS, it is impossible to find Phentermine at licensed UK pharmacies. To buy Phentermine in the UK, you need to visit a private slimming clinic and pay for doctor’s service.

The cost of first consultation of a skilled UK doctor specializing on anti-obesity treatment ranges between 20 and 200 GBP. Second consultation can be free of charge or cheaper than the first one.

The first consultation is needed to get not only Phentermine in the UK, but also an optimal weight loss program from a doctor. For a rapid weight loss, it is important to adjust an effective Phentermine dose, taking into account:

• Patient’s age
• History of obesity
• Concomitant risk factors
• Level of physical activity

Next visits to the doctor are needed to assess the efficiency of weight loss program and to make a decision about the appropriateness of further use of Phentermine drug.

The price of Phentermine in the UK is similar to the price of Phentermine in the USA and Australia. Depending on the used Phentermine dose and the cost of weight loss clinic services, the cost of drug anti-obesity therapy for one month in the UK (using Phentermine) varies from 80-150 GBP.

If the doctor prescribed Phentermine in the UK along with physiotherapeutic procedures or psychotherapy, the costs of anti-obesity therapy might exceed 150 GBP per month.

To reduce the costs of weight loss therapy, patients need to find a cheap UK weight loss clinic, which offers their clients to buy Phentermine in the UK at low price.

If you want to buy cheap Phentermine in the UK, you can learn the reviews about various slimming clinics and centers where doctors prescribe their patients Phentermine pills.

You can find on different online forums some reviews about slimming centers, as well as distributors (suppliers) of cheap Phentermine. Many UK suppliers of Phentermine have no marketing authorization for this slimming drug. Therefore, they supply Phentermine in the UK through online pharmacies.

You can buy Phentermine on the UK online pharmacy using MasterCard or any other international payment system. Before you purchase Phentermine online in the UK, you need to make sure the supplier has got the UK authorization for Phentermine-containing drugs.

Typharm Limited is one of the few licensed suppliers of Phentermine in the UK in 2015. Phentermine pills by Typharm are sold in the UK under the brand name Ionamin.

Phentermine by Siegfried

Some pharmaceutical companies produce anorexigenic agent – Phentermine only in the form of white, crystalline powder. Then, Phentermine powder is supplied to factories of other pharmaceutical companies that make new pharmaceutical forms out of it.

Phentermine powder can be used to produce:

• Compressed tablets
• Chewable tablets
• Two-piece, hard capsules

In the middle of the last century, the sales of weight loss drugs containing only Phentermine anorexigenic agent were launched. Later, the FDA-approved drug, based on Phentermine and another anorexigenic agent – Fenfluramine went on sale.

Obese Americans are familiar with this combined weight loss drug under the famous abbreviation Fen-Phen. Several decades ago, Fen-Phen drug was recognized as unsafe for human health. Thus, the sales of Fen-Phen in the USA were stopped and only those drugs that contained nothing else but Phentermine were left on the market.

To produce weight loss drugs, three types of Phentermine are used:

• Phentermine base
• Phentermine as Hydrochloride (HCl)
• Phentermine as ion-exchange resin complex

Phentermine base is used in the production of readymade pharmaceutical forms rarely. Phentermine Hydrochloride is used in the production of compressed tablets, while Phentermine resin complex is used to produce weight loss capsules.

phen375In the USA, several pharmaceutical companies are registered and they produce Phentermine, yet they do not have the U.S. marketing authorization for Phentermine-containing drugs.

Siegfried is one of many manufacturers of Phentermine anorectic agent in the USA. Siegfried is indicated as a producer and supplier of Phentermine HCl and Phentermine base in the USA and Switzerland.

You will find no information on what companies use Phentermine by Siegfried to produce the readymade pharmaceutical forms.

It is noteworthy that in 2008, Siegfried sold one of its manufacturing facilities to Arena Pharmaceuticals (Biopharmaceutical Company).

In 2015, Arena Pharma is famous by that it supplies a new weight loss drug – Lorcaserin to the U.S. market. In the USA, this drug is registered under the brand – Belviq.

The same as Phentermine, Belviq (Lorcaserin) is used to reduce the appetite. You may find more information on similarities and differences between Belviq and Phentermine in one of the upcoming reviews. If you have never used Phentermine and Belviq, you can leave your feedbacks about these drugs right now.

Phen-Pro Review

Almost immediately after Fen-Phen withdrawal from the US market (in 1997), the commercial supplier of weight loss products in the USA – NutriSystem suggested to use another combination of anorectic agents – Phentermine and Fluoxetine to combat obesity.

In 1997, Fluoxetine was sold only under the brand Prozac in the USA. Thus, the combination of Phentermine and Fluoxetine anorectics got a reduced name Phen-Pro.

After the publication of the first reviews about the fact that Phen-Pro can be considered as an alternative to Fen-Phen, the manufacturer of Prozac (Eli Lilly) published his press release about the combination of Phen-Pro.

phen-proThis press release claimed that Prozac is approved as the treatment of depressive disorders and the combined use of Phentermine and Prozac has not been studied. Therefore, information about Phen-Pro side effects and its effectiveness when treating obesity is unavailable.

The US licensed physicians did not prescribe Phen-Pro to their patients. So today, it is impossible to find information about post-marketing observations of obese Americans used Phen-Pro for weight loss.

Real reviews about Phen-Pro are also unavailable. However, the FDA time to time publishes information about the fact that combined diet drugs similar to Phen-Pro are supplied at the USA market.

In 2015, the FDA published a warning for five combined weight loss products containing Fluoxetine. These diet drugs are supplied at the US market illegally and are sold without a prescription in the USA.

For example, the distributor of weight loss products – Detox Transforms exports diet pills «Insane Bee Pollen» and «Edge Amplified Weight Release» into the USA. These diet pills contain an unapproved FDA combination Fluoxetine and Phenolphthalein (laxative).

Other diet pills, similar to Phen-Pro are sold under the brand Natural Max Slimming in the USA. These diet pills contain a combination of three active ingredients, such as:

• Fluoxetine antidepressant
• Sibutramine anorectic agent (was withdrawn in 2010)
• Sildenafil drug to restore erection (is well known under the brand Viagra in the USA).

Potential risks and benefits of Phen-Pro and other double and triple diet drugs containing Fluoxetine have not been studied. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy and use such drugs for weight loss.

If you want to buy a combined OTC diet drug, which is sold legally in the USA, choose weight loss products that are manufactured and supplied in the USA – by the U.S. companies.

Metabolife 356

Metabolife 356 is a multi-component weight loss supplement that was sold in the USA over 10 years ago. Metabolife 356 included more than 20 active ingredients, including alkaloid ephedrine.

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, Metabolife 356 with ephedrine was one of the most popular OTC diet pills in the USA. The popularity of Metabolife 356 was confirmed by the fact that annual sales of this weight loss supplement reached $900 million.

In 2004, the FDA published information that weight loss products containing ephedrine can cause severe cardiovascular side effects. Therefore, the production and sale of Metabolife 356 were banned in the USA and the U.S. physicians stopped to recommend their patients to use Metabolife 356 for weight loss.

After the production cessation and recall of Metabolife 356 from the US market, Metabolife 356 pills were sold in Canada for several months. However, after the stocks of Metabolife 356 pills were exhausted, their export from the USA into Canada was stopped and today Metabolife 356 is unavailable in North American countries.

The manufacturer and exclusive supplier of Metabolife 356 in the USA and Canada was Metabolife International company. In the mid 2000’s, the management of Metabolife company was accused of that he knew about the potential risks of Metabolife 356 ephedrine-containing diet pills, but concealed this information from the FDA and consumers.

It is noteworthy that in the USA, the sale of ephedrine-containing dietary supplements is banned, while in Canada, dietary supplements containing ephedrine are still sold. In 2015, the sale of over 110 dietary supplements that just as Metabolife 356 contain natural active ingredient ephedrine is permitted in Canada.

The manufacture and commercialization of Metabolife 356 pills were the key business of Metabolife International company. Therefore, after the ban to sell Metabolife 356 in the USA, Metabolife International went bankrupt and its assets were purchased by IdeaSphere.

Today, IdeaSphere is a part of large US manufacturer of over-the-counter dietary supplements – Twinlab Corporation. In 2015, Twinlab manufactures a few weight loss products that are sold in the USA under the brand Metabolife and similar brand Metabolift.