Generic Duromine in Southern Africa

Anti-obesity drug – Phentermine is sold in Southern African region for already several decades. The suppliers of Phentermine capsules in southernmost region of the African continent are several pharmaceutical companies.

The largest supplier of Phentermine pills in Southern African countries (including South African Republic) is iNova company. This company supplies in Southern African region Phentermine 15mg and 30mg oral capsules.

• You can buy Phentermine capsules by iNova under proprietary name Duromine.

Besides iNova company, the South African supplier of Phentermine pills is Restan Laboratories company (a part of Adcock Ingram Group). This company supplies in Southern Africa countries (including Republic of Namibia) Phentermine 30mg oral capsules.

• You can buy Phentermine capsules by Restan Laboratories under proprietary name Minobese Forte.

The feature of Minobese Forte capsules is that Diffucaps technology is used in their production. The similar technology is also used in the production of Duromine capsules by iNova.

Diffucaps technology provides a functional polymer membrane covering of each Minobese Forte capsule, which helps to:

• Slow down the release of Phentermine anorexigenic agent
• Maintain an optimal Phentermine plasma level during the day
• Prevent unwanted side effects of Phentermine
• Minimize food effect on the pharmacodynamic properties of Phentermine
• Reduce the frequency of drug dosing to 1 time per day

girl-shapeThe maximum recommended daily dose of Minobese Forte (Phentermine) is 30mg. Just as Duromine 30mg capsules, Minobese Forte 30mg delayed-release capsules are sold by prescription only.

If you want to buy Duromine (by iNova), Minobese Forte (by Restan) or any other slimming capsules containing Phentermine, medical examination is recommended.

Only when the doctor makes sure that Phentermine-containing drugs are not contraindicated to you, he will be able to prescribe you Duromine or Minobese Forte capsules. More information on Phentermine (Duromine) contraindications you can find in one of our reviews.

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