Four generic versions of Adipex

Exclusive supplier of Adipex diet pills is Teva pharmaceutical company. This company owns the marketing authorization for Adipex allowing to sell Adipex in the USA. Adipex pills are not approved by TGA and have never been marketed within Australia.

iNova Pharmaceuticals is an exclusive distributor of Phentermine-based drugs on Australian pharmaceutical market. Phentermine diet pills by iNova were first included in ARTG in 1991.

For almost 25 years, iNova have been promoting Phentermine pills under the brand name Duromine. This brand is very popular in Australia, NZ and South Africa. In these countries, Phentermine drug is sold only under Duromine brand name. In many other countries, iNova has to compete with other distributors of Phentermine weight loss drug.

• In Singapore, iNova competes with Euro Asia Medico – the supplier of Panbesy pills.

• In Hong-Kong, iNova competes with three suppliers, including the owner of marketing authorization for Redusa pills – Quality Pharmaceutical Laboratory Ltd.

• In Costa Rica, the owner of Phentermine-based drugs marketing authorization is iNova and the supplier of Terfamex pills is Medix.

Adipex, Duromine, Panbesy, Redusa and Terfamex are 5 different brand names of diet pills, containing active ingredient Phentermine. All these drugs provide anorexigenic effect and therefore they can be used for a short-term antiobesity therapy.

In different countries, Phentermine indications for use may vary.

• In the USA, Phentermine (Adipex) can be prescribed for adults and children over 16 years old.
• In Australia, Phentermine (Duromine) can be prescribed to adults and children over 12 years old.

daJust as in Australia, in Costa Rica Phentermine (Terfamex) may be prescribed to children over 12 years old and adults. However, unlike the USA and Australia, where maximum recommended time of use of Phentermine is just 3 months, in Costa Rica, Phentermine was approved for a short-term anti-obesity therapy, lasting for 2 months.

During the production of anorexigenic drugs, Phentermine can be used in the form of resinat (Duromine), or as Hydrochloride (Adipex). The dosage of Phentermine base in one Duromine 30 pill as well as in one Adipex 37.5 mg pill is 30mg.

The cheapest Phentermine-based drugs are sold on online pharmacies. Prior to buy Adipex, Duromine, Terfamex, Panbesy or Redusa drugs online, make sure they can be delivered to your country.

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