Finedal Review

Finedal is a trade name of diet pills containing Clobenzorex. Information on manufacturer and supplier of Finedal (Clobenzorex) anorexigenic drug is unavailable. Supposedly, Finedal diet pills are no longer being produced and sold.

If you have taken Finedal before, but now you cannot find this drug at pharmacies, you have a chance to use for anti-obesity therapy some other drugs containing Clobenzorex anorexigenic agent (for instance, Benturex, Dinintel or Rexigen). Some online pharmacies offer to buy such drugs online.

If you want to buy Finedal (Clobenzorex), but you have never taken this drug in your life, then you can learn key information on Clobenzorex-containing diet pills from our reviews.

Finedal manufacturer is indicated as Instituto Llorente. It has been told that Finedal (Clobenzorex 30mg) pills were approved for obesity treatment in Spain. In March 2000, Finedal 30mg pills were withdrawn from the Spanish market. Today, Finedal diet pills are no longer sold in Spain.


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