Fastin in 2015

The sale of Phentermine-containing pills – Fastin in the USA was discontinued in the early 80s of the last century. Herewith, not many Americans know that inhabitants of some countries still have the possibility to buy Fastin (Phentermine).

In 2015, the manufacturer of Fastin pills is a South Korean pharmaceutical company called Daehan New Pharm. This company manufactures diet pills containing 37.5mg of anorectic agent, Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Since 2004, Fastin 37.5mg pills have been supplied at South Korean market of weight loss products. Fastin (Phentermine) pills are approved in South Korea as an obesity treatment in patients with BMI of 27 and higher. Fastin white, guitar-shaped 37.5mg tablets are sold in pack of 30 pieces each.

FastinBesides Fastin 37.5mg pills, Daehan New Pharm supplies at South Korean market pills containing 18.75mg of active ingredient Phentermine. English name of Phentermine 18.75mg pills by Daehan New Pharm is «PTM».

PTM (Phentermine) pills were approved in South Korea in 2013. PTM round, white 18.75 pills are supplied in pack of 30 pieces each.

Besides Phentermine-containing drugs, Daehan New Pharm is the manufacturer and distributor of anorectic drug – Phendimetrazine.

English-speaking inhabitants of South Korea know Phendimetrazine 35mg pills by Daehan New Pharm under the brand Phentin.

Phentin (Phendimetrazine) white, round tablets are supplied in pack of 300 pieces each. In the USA, Phendimetrazine 35mg pills are well known under the brand name Bontril.


If you want to buy Fastin, but this drug is not sold in your country, ask your doctor to prescribe you another Phentermine-containing drug.

If amphetamine-like drug, Phentermine is contraindicated in you or is not sold in your region, you can find it on online pharmacy. Before buying Fastin online, make sure that Fastin pills contain namely Phentermine anorectic agent.

Some online pharmacies provide the opportunity to buy over-the-counter dietary supplement – Fastin XR, which does not contain Phentermine, so is prohibited for sale in the USA. In one of our reviews, you can find more information about over-the-counter supplement Fastin XR.