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Phentermine in sports

Besides success stories, Phentermine can cause frustration stories. Many cases of accidental or intentional use of Phentermine, because of which an athlete has problems in sports, are annually registered in the USA. One of the most resonance cases of “successful” Phentermine use occurred in 2007. NBA player Lindsey Benson Hunter, Jr. was disqualified for 10

Oliver Stone and Phentermine

Phentermine anorexigenic drug is mentioned in the news and life stories of American celebrities from time to time. Most often, Phentermine is found in the news, unfortunately in a negative context and only few times, Phentermine was mentioned as an essential part of a history of success. The most resonant case, associated with Phentermine and

Saxenda effectiveness

Effectiveness of a new slimming drug – Saxenda has been studied for three years. The results of long-term studies of Saxenda were analyzed by the employees of: • Health Canada • European Medicines Agency • Food and Drug Administration (USA) The analysis of study results has confirmed that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss, and

Is Meridia better than Phentermine?

Meridia diet pills came into the market at the end of 90s of last century. More than 15 years ago, many experts believed that Meridia is much safer than Phentermine-containing drugs and Phentermine era comes to the end. For hundreds of thousands of patients, Meridia drug was really better than Phentermine. However, statements that Meridia

Duromine results

Using Duromine diet pills, different obese people achieve different goals. Someone is happy with the results in 4 weeks after he started using Duromine. But most often, the results achieved after a month of using Duromine are far from perfect. To assess the Duromine results, doctors recommend weigh yourself and monitor the changes of your

Long-term benefits of Duromine use

Motivation to lose weight should be not only a desire to become more attractive, but also the desire to improve the overall health. After all, weight loss will help to maintain a good health both in the medium and in the long term. Duromine is one of the few drugs, which helps to reduce weight

How it works: Adipex

One of the most frequently asked questions about Adipex is – How this drug works? In order to understand how Adipex works, you need to know the mechanism of action of Phentermine Hydrochloride (its active ingredient). Phentermine HCl is an active substance, which pharmaceutical property is to stimulate the central nervous system. Chemical structure of

History of amphetamine

Amphetamines were first used as a medicine several centuries ago. One of the first amphetamines that were used in ancient China to cure asthma was ephedrine. This amphetamine was made of Ephedra vulgaris plant. • In 1887, ephedrine was synthesized in laboratory for the first time. Until 1920, this central nervous system stimulant was used

Efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg

Efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg was confirmed by results of clinical studies and long-term post-marketing observations, lasting for over 20 years. Analyzing the data of trials, we may conclude that benefits of Adipex greatly exceed its potential risks. High efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg is caused by the fact that it helps to control the appetite even

Duromine efficiency

Before Duromine diet pills came into the market, they were well studied. In the development and clinical trials of Duromine pills, the employees of 3M Pharmaceuticals company (now 3M is a part of iNova) were participated. After the successful completion of clinical trials, their results were sent to a study in the Ministries of Health

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