Phentermine in sports

Besides success stories, Phentermine can cause frustration stories. Many cases of accidental or intentional use of Phentermine, because of which an athlete has problems in sports, are annually registered in the USA.

One of the most resonance cases of “successful” Phentermine use occurred in 2007. NBA player Lindsey Benson Hunter, Jr. was disqualified for 10 games because doping test confirmed the presence of Phentermine psychostimulant in his body.

426267Lindsey Hunter stated that his wife is taking Phentermine and he took this CNS stimulant accidentally instead of cold medicine. However, this statement did not affect the decision on his disqualification.

According to the terms of U.S. anti-doping program, in primary detection of Phentermine in the athlete’s body, he is automatically disqualified for 10 games. In repeated use of Phentermine or other psychostimulants as doping, Anti-Doping Agency may decide about lifetime suspension of the athlete from his sport.

For example, the US cyclist Duane Dickey received a one-year suspension in 2002 for the use of Phentermine. In 2010, Duane Dickey repeatedly violated anti-doping rule, received lifetime period of ineligibility and was forced to complete his professional sport career.

Duane Dickey is not the only cyclist for whom Phentermine was not the success story, but the story of frustration.

• In November 2004, 2-year period of ineligibility was received by the cyclist Chelsea Redwood because of Phentermine use. As Chelsea stated, she did not know that Phentermine is a doping, but this statement did not affect the decision of the U.S. Anti-doping Agency.

• In May 2005, the similar story was happened with the cyclist Randy Dreyer. Besides the fact that he was disqualified for two years, his sport results and achievements were canceled.

• One of the last US cyclists for whom a success story has been transformed into a story of defeat was Yoelkis Aira. Because of Phentermine use before competitions, Aira accepted a two-year period of ineligibility. Just as Randy Dreyer, Yoelkis Aira was deprived of all points, medals and sport awards received in previous years.

Before to start using Phentermine, professional athletes should be cautioned about the fact that this psychostimulant can put an end to their successful career.

So that Phentermine helps to create a real success story without the potential risks for sport career, the use of Phentermine pills should be discontinued a few month before the competition.

If you have used Phentermine and now you want to tell your story of successful weight loss, you can leave your review about Phentermine on this blog or on popular obesity forums. Leaving your reviews about Phentermine, you help other people to make a step towards a slim figure.

Oliver Stone and Phentermine

Phentermine anorexigenic drug is mentioned in the news and life stories of American celebrities from time to time. Most often, Phentermine is found in the news, unfortunately in a negative context and only few times, Phentermine was mentioned as an essential part of a history of success.

The most resonant case, associated with Phentermine and celebrity happened over 15 years ago. In 1999, a world famous film director – Oliver Stone was accused for driving a car while drunk.

oliver_stoneBesides the fact that Oliver Stone was driving his car under the influence of alcohol, local police found several prescription psychostimulants including Phentermine and Fenfluramine in his car.

In late 90’s of the last century, the combination of Phentermine and Fenfluramine was used to cure obesity. Overweight Americans were familiar with such combination of the CNS stimulants (Fenfluramine and Phentermine) under a short name Fen-Phen.

At that time, when Fen-Phen was found in Oliver Stone’s car, Phentermine and Fenfluramine combination was banned for use.

The reason why Fen-Phen diet pills for weight loss were banned was that the combination of Phentermine and Fenfluramine had caused serious threat for the cardiovascular system of obese patients.

Besides Fen-Phen, Oliver Stone had in his car some other psychostimulant drugs, including the FDA-approved anti-anxiety agent – Meprobamate and a small dose of hashish.

This unpleasant story ended by that Oliver Stone pleaded guilty and has agreed to undergo drug rehabilitation. Oliver Stone is not the only world famous celebrity, whose name is associated with stimulant drugs. You can find information on other American celebrities and Phentermine in our reviews.

Saxenda effectiveness

Effectiveness of a new slimming drug – Saxenda has been studied for three years. The results of long-term studies of Saxenda were analyzed by the employees of:

• Health Canada
• European Medicines Agency
• Food and Drug Administration (USA)

The analysis of study results has confirmed that Saxenda provides a significant weight loss, and its effectiveness exceeds potential health risks. In the USA, Canada and Europe, Saxenda is approved to treat exogenous obesity:

• In overweight patients with BMI of 27 to 29.9
• In obese patients with BMI of 30 and greater

saxedra_penThe study results have demonstrated that Saxenda drug helps not only to lose weight, but also to reduce cardiometabolic risks.

Given the fact that Saxenda effectively reduces body weight and not less effectively decreases the blood sugar level, its use helps delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes by no less than 80%.

It should be noted that Saxenda contains active ingredient Liraglutide, which has been used as an anti-diabetic agent for over 5 years. In the USA, Liraglutide-containing antidiabetic drug is available under the brand Victoza.

• The range of effective daily doses of Victoza (Liraglutide) for diabetes treatment varies from the initial dose of 0.6mg up to the maximum dose of 1.8mg.
• The standard therapeutic dose of Saxenda (Liraglutide) for the obesity treatment is 3mg.

Just as Saxenda solution for injections, Victoza solution is injected under the skin by means of dispenser pen. The maximum single dose, which can be injected by means of Victoza pen, is 1.8mg.

Thus, Liraglutide-containing drug – Victoza cannot be used for the obesity treatment and should be prescribed only to patients with type 2 diabetes.

• The FDA (USA) confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this drug for the obesity treatment on December 23, 2014.

• Health Canada confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this weight loss drug on February 26, 2015.

• EMA confirmed Saxenda effectiveness and approved this slimming drug on March 23, 2015.

In June 2015, it is possible to buy Saxenda only in the USA. Information in what countries Saxenda sales will be launched in 2015-2016 you can find in the following reviews.

Is Meridia better than Phentermine?

Meridia diet pills came into the market at the end of 90s of last century. More than 15 years ago, many experts believed that Meridia is much safer than Phentermine-containing drugs and Phentermine era comes to the end.

For hundreds of thousands of patients, Meridia drug was really better than Phentermine. However, statements that Meridia is safer than Phentermine proved premature.

meridiaThirteen years after the start of Meridia retail sales, researchers paid attention to the fact that long-term cardiovascular side effects develop in obese people using Meridia.

Compared to Phentermine side effects, cardiovascular side effects of Meridia posed a more serious danger to human health. Therefore, despite the fact that serious cardiovascular pathologies were diagnosed only in a few people used Meridia, this drug was recognized unsafe and its sale was terminated.

During the whole period of retail sales of Meridia, this drug was better choice for obese people who had contraindications to Phentermine and other amphetamine-like appetite suppressants.

After Meridia withdrawal from the US market, only amphetamine-like weight loss products for appetite control were sold at the U.S. pharmacies. Therefore, after the cessation of Meridia sales, access to medical appetite suppressant therapy was limited to tens of thousands of obese Americans.

Between 2010 and 2012, only amphetamines were used to control appetite in the USA. In June 2012, the FDA approved a new weight loss drug – Lorcaserin, which is not an amphetamine-like.

Thus, obese Americans who had contraindications to Phentermine again have the opportunity to conduct an intensive obesity therapy not only by means of a healthy diet and physical exercises, but also by means of appetite suppressant.

Just as 15 years ago, today the opinion is expressed that Lorcaserin is better than Phentermine and less often causes side effects. However, Phentermine always has a distinct advantage is that it is used for the obesity treatment for more than 50 years.

Therefore, all potential risks of Phentermine are well studied, the body’s reaction to the change of Phentermine dose is predictable, but the health benefits of an obese person is undeniable.

Duromine results

Using Duromine diet pills, different obese people achieve different goals. Someone is happy with the results in 4 weeks after he started using Duromine. But most often, the results achieved after a month of using Duromine are far from perfect.

To assess the Duromine results, doctors recommend weigh yourself and monitor the changes of your body mass regularly. Monitoring the weight loss actually motivates people to achieve even greater results. Therefore, an everyday weighing can be considered essential part of a complex weight loss program.

In order to get maximum results, people should take Duromine pills at the same time, every morning. If patients use morning doses of Duromine every day, the anorexigenic effect lasts day and night. Hence, Duromine pills are suitable for people, who can control their appetite at daytime, but who cannot resist their hunger at night.

time_weight_lossIf you are planning to achieve the maximal Duromine results, you should keep in mind that Duromine might cause serious side effects. At the same time you must be ready the desired result will appear after the second or even third courses of anti-obesity drug treatment.

You can take Duromine pills every day, within three months. After that, you must stop using Duromine anti-obesity drug, even if you have not achieve the desired result yet.

The second weight loss treatment course can be prescribed in a few weeks or months after the last dose of Duromine. Only the doctor can take the decision to resume Duromine weight loss therapy. So, overweight patients can continue their journey to the desired goal after they consulted a doctor.

• The result is considered successful, if an overweight patient managed to reduce his body weight by minimum 5% of his initial weight.

• The maximal result a patient can achieve using Duromine – is 15-20% weight loss.

You can find many pictures, demonstrating the results, achieved by means of Duromine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg pills on blogs or forums all over the Internet.

Only those people, who can buy Duromine drug in their countries, can post the real feedbacks and reviews about Duromine as well as real pictures showing the result of Duromine weight loss therapy. In 2015, you can find feedbacks on the results of using Duromine pills, left by people from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and some other countries of the world.

Long-term benefits of Duromine use

Motivation to lose weight should be not only a desire to become more attractive, but also the desire to improve the overall health. After all, weight loss will help to maintain a good health both in the medium and in the long term. Duromine is one of the few drugs, which helps to reduce weight in just a few weeks.

• Only 2-4 weeks of Duromine regular use can help to lose weight by more than 5% of the initial. This result is sufficient to significantly reduce the risk of severe diseases, such as foetal defects, cancers (endometrial, colon, breast), polycystic ovary syndrome, reproductive hormone abnormalities, low back pain, and impaired fertility.

• Within 1-2 months of using Duromine pills, body weight may decrease by more than 10% of the initial. Such a significant reduction in weight promotes a decrease in the risk of: uncontrolled hypertension, hyperuricemia, coronary heart disease, gout, osteoarthritis (of the hips and knee), clinical depression.

• When using Duromine for three months, weight can be reduced by more than 15% of the initial. In this case, the risk of metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, cholelithiasis, breathlessness, dyslipidemia and sleep apnoea is significantly reduced.

If obesity is already complicated by a disease, weight loss helps to reduce its symptoms, to slow the progression, and to improve the clinical prognosis.

• It should be noted that some of the listed disease are a contraindication to the use of Duromine.
• Moreover, Duromine may cause severe side effects that will strengthen the symptoms of the existing disease.

eating-appleTherefore, Duromine diet pills should be taken with extreme caution by those whose obesity is associated with related risk factors.

If you want to buy Duromine but have never taken this slimming drug, carefully familiarize yourself with the key information about Duromine. Reliable information and interesting facts about Duromine you can find in our reviews.

How it works: Adipex

One of the most frequently asked questions about Adipex is – How this drug works? In order to understand how Adipex works, you need to know the mechanism of action of Phentermine Hydrochloride (its active ingredient).

Phentermine HCl is an active substance, which pharmaceutical property is to stimulate the central nervous system. Chemical structure of Phentermine HCl is similar to the chemical structure of amphetamines.

Just as many other amphetamines, Phentermine HCl acts in hypothalamus, thereby reducing the appetite and preventing hunger pangs. It is assumed that anorexigenic effect is achieved not only by means of Phentermine HCl effect on hypothalamus, but also by the effect of Phentermine HCl on the activity of noradrenergic and dopaminergic centers of the CNS.

Appetite suppression is not the only effect Phentermine HCl provides. In fact, Phentermine HCl can increase the body temperature and thermogenesis intensity as any other amphetamines can. Therefore, weight loss occurs due to anorexigenic, as well as metabolic effects of Phentermine HCl

In addition to anorexigenic and metabolic effects, Adipex may cause cardiovascular effects. Acting on the CNS functions, anorexigenic agent Phentermine HCl increases the blood pressure and may cause hypertension.

• Adipex (Phentermine HCl) starts «working» within an hour after oral intake.
• Maximal anorexic and metabolic effects are reached within 3-4 hours after using a regular dose of Adipex (Phentermine HCl).

controlling-your-appetiteTime of «work» of Adipex (Phentermine HCl) depends on the dose used and a patient’s body weight. The higher the dose of Adipex (Phentermine HCl) and the smaller the patient’s body weight, the longer this drug helps to control the appetite.

To Adipex «works» better and helps to lose weight quickly, regular physical loads and a healthy diet are required. Adipex «works» even in low physical activity and imbalanced diet.

However, it should be understood that without physical exercises and diets, it is impossible to achieve maximum weight loss rate. Therefore, those people who want to lose weight quickly within a few weeks or months should combine the anti-obesity drug therapy with non-drug weight loss methods.

Before starting the drug therapy of obesity, patient should be aware of that Adipex stops «working» in just 2-3 months of use.

In a regular use of Adipex 37.5mg tablets during several months, its anorexigenic and metabolic effects are reduced and the body weight stops declining.

Adipex stops «working» even if patients have used only minimal doses of this drug for anti-obesity treatment. Thus, regardless of the dose regimen of Adipex, the duration of anti-obesity drug therapy must not last more than 12 weeks.

History of amphetamine

Amphetamines were first used as a medicine several centuries ago. One of the first amphetamines that were used in ancient China to cure asthma was ephedrine. This amphetamine was made of Ephedra vulgaris plant.

• In 1887, ephedrine was synthesized in laboratory for the first time. Until 1920, this central nervous system stimulant was used for the treatment of asthma and colds.

• In 1932, a new amphetamine called Benzedrine appeared on the U.S. market. American doctors prescribed this CNS stimulant for treatment of over 30 diseases, such as erectile dysfunction, seasickness and nyctalopia. Benzedrine-based drugs were sold in the USA without prescription.

• Methamphetamine – one of the best-known amphetamines was synthesized in 1919 (in Japan). Methamphetamine was widely used during World War II and Vietnam War. Soldiers were using Methamphetamine to increase their alertness and appetite control.

DesoxynIn the USA, Methamphetamine was approved in December 1943. The drug is still available at retail. Today, Methamphetamine is used within the USA for the treatment of ADHD and obesity. However, just as many decades ago, many American students and truckers abuse on Methamphetamine, using it to remain alert for extended periods of time.

In Australia, Methamphetamine has appeared quite recently. In early 1980’s, some Australian psychiatrists were prescribing Methamphetamines to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, in 1989 this method of PTSD treatment was considered illegal and sale of any Methamphetamine forms was prohibited in Australia.

The USA is one of the few countries, where Methamphetamine is still sold. You may find at the U.S. pharmacies Desoxyn tablets, containing 5mg of this central nervous system stimulant.

Despite the fact that Methamphetamine sales in Australia are banned, another medicine containing amphetamine derivative – Phentermine is available at Australian pharmacies. Just as Methamphetamine, Phentermine can suppress the appetite so people use it for anti-obesity therapy.

In Australia, the CNS stimulant Phentermine has been prescribed to overweight and obese patients since early 1990’s. Oral capsules, containing Phentermine are widely known under proprietary names – Metermine and Duromine. You can buy Duromine and Metermine weight loss capsules by prescription only.

Efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg

Efficiency of AdipexEfficiency of Adipex 37.5mg was confirmed by results of clinical studies and long-term post-marketing observations, lasting for over 20 years. Analyzing the data of trials, we may conclude that benefits of Adipex greatly exceed its potential risks.

High efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg is caused by the fact that it helps to control the appetite even when other anorexigenic drugs (like Bontril or Belviq) turn out to be ineffective.

The proof of efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg is that its retail sales are annually growing. Even in the presence of Adipex generic drugs, doctors keep prescribing their patients namely Adipex 37.5mg.

No less important causes of growth in Adipex sales are that this drug has a competitive price and that its producer (Teva Pharma) has a reputation of a reliable supplier of qualitative and cheap generic drugs.

Thanks to the active promotion and marketing of Adipex 37.5mg (Phentermine) on the U.S. market, this drug became one of the most popular Phentermine-containing drugs in the USA.

These days (in 2015), Teva have a great success in competing many other large manufacturers of generic drugs, including the pharmaceutical companies that import Adipex generic drugs from India.

Unlike Teva Company, which invests money into advertising of brand Adipex, Indian pharmaceutical companies promote generic versions of Adipex under the International Nonproprietary Name – Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Efficiency of Adipex and FDA-approved Adipex generic drugs are absolutely identical. Therefore, choosing between Adipex and Adipex generic drugs, you can compare only their prices.

Please note that you should compare the price of one tablet or capsule, but not one pack of Adipex and one pack of Adipex generic version. Only this way you will manage to find out an approximate cost of one-day anti-obesity treatment, using different but bioequivalent weight loss drugs.

Duromine efficiency

Before Duromine diet pills came into the market, they were well studied. In the development and clinical trials of Duromine pills, the employees of 3M Pharmaceuticals company (now 3M is a part of iNova) were participated.

After the successful completion of clinical trials, their results were sent to a study in the Ministries of Health of many countries. One of the first health authorities studied the results of Duromine clinical trials was Medsafe (New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority).

By studying the trials results, Medsafe employees have concluded that the benefits of Duromine use exceed potential risks to the health of obese patients.

The results of clinical trials have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce body weight by 5-15% of initial one when using Duromine and observing all conditions of anti-obesity therapy.

It should be noted that efficiency of Duromine and efficiency of obesity therapy are different concepts.

Duromine efficiency

thin-girlEffectiveness criterion for Duromine is its ability to suppress appetite. Majority of obese people experience the reduced appetite already after the first dose of Duromine. However, some people may experience tolerability to anorexigenic effect of Duromine.

In the presence of tolerability to Duromine’ anorexigenic effect, it is impossible to control appetite and to limit the daily calorie intake. Therefore, people with diagnosed tolerability to Duromine’ anorexigenic effect should choose alternative drugs for obesity treatment.

Tolerability to anorexigenic effect most often develops in those who abused or abuse Duromine. When Duromine dosing regimen is not observed, the central nervous system stops to respond to its pharmacological activity.

Therefore, patients with a history of psychostimulant abuse do not manage to control appetite even after using the maximum daily doses of Duromine.

Other drugs used during the drug therapy of obesity may affect Duromine effectiveness. For example, after using Duromine pills and a drug from the group of phenothiazines*, Duromine efficiency significantly decreases.

Thus, before using any prescription or nonprescription drugs together with Duromine, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

*Trade names of phenothiazines: Compazine, Compro, Largactil, Levoprome, Mellaril, Modecate, Mymethazine Fortis, Nausetil, Permitil, Phenergan, Procalm, Procomp, Prolixin, Promapar, Prometh Plain, Promethegan, Remsed, Serentil, Sonazine, Stelazine, Stemetil, Stemzine, Thorazine, Trilafon, Vesprin, Zipan.

Effectiveness of anti-obesity therapy

To achieve the maximum weight loss by means of Duromine, necessarily adhere to a hypocaloric diet. Balanced diet increases the effectiveness of anti-obesity therapy and promotes the metabolism normalization.

Those who stick to the balanced, low-calorie diet, the risk of weight regain is lower than in those who do not try to normalize the eating behavior. Thus, diet should be an integral part of weight loss program.

For rapid weight loss, it is not sufficient to take Duromine appetite suppressant and to adhere to the balanced diet. Level of physical activity has the same significant influence on therapy effectiveness as diet and Duromine.

Low or moderate physical loads are recommended for obese people taking Duromine. The maximum effect is achieved when at least 15 minutes a day is devoted to physical loads.